The Fantastic Four Star Joseph Quinn Admits He Has Big Boots to Fill

Joseph Quinn - The Fantastic 4

Joseph Quinn - The Fantastic 4

Joseph Quinn is now ready to take on the role of Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, in the upcoming Marvel reboot The Fantastic Four. However, knowing he will be taking over Chris Evans’ iteration of the superpowered adventurer, the Stranger Things breakout star admits it’s “big boots” to fill.

Before Evans played Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was first known as Human Torch in the original Fox Fantastic Four movies. This role made the actor famous in the 2000s and was dubbed one of the franchise's best comic book casting choices.

Michael B. Jordan then took the role in the 2015 reboot Fant4stic. Now, Quinn will be taking on the mantle.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the English actor discussed his new superhero role in The Fantastic Four. Like other guys his age when the 2005 Fantastic Four, followed by its sequel in 2007, was released, he was a fan of Evans’ portrayal of Human Torch.

He even remembered enjoying the actor’s performance, making him feel like it was a “really exciting opportunity” to take on the role.

“I was absolutely signed up,” he said.

So, to secure his spot in the film, Quinn went to the auditions and gave his best shot. However, when asked if Evans’ version of Human Torch was on his mind when he auditioned, he quickly said no and explained he wanted to make it his own.

“I mean, you're going to make it your own,” he explained. “It's big boots [to fill].”

Joseph Quinn Talks About Working with The Fantastic Four’s Cast

The Fantastic Four will feature an all-star cast, like Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm/The Thing. It will also include the Ozark star Julia Garner as Shalla-Bal, another version of the Silver Surfer.

With this ensemble, Quinn revealed that working alongside them greatly influenced his taking on this project.

“Working with Vanessa, Pedro, Evan — they're really consummate pros and brilliant in everything they're in,” he continued. “So, I'm really looking forward to establishing this familial dynamic with them and with Matt Shakman's guidance.”

Quinn added that he knew of the talks about the making of The Fantastic Four in the MCU. He even talked with the film’s director, Matt Shakman, and learned what Marvel Studios wanted to do with the famous stars attached to the film.

“There are aspects of it that are very much a singular thing and its own thing,” he revealed.

Details about The Fantastic Four’s plot remain under wraps. However, it’s believed to be set in the 1960s due to the appearance of the Life magazine The Thing reading in the film’s visual.

There are also theories that it may be set in the present time through the multiverse, with the claims that Marvel’s first family will be leading the new Avengers.

However, just like Quinn said that the film would be its own thing, Shakman told Collider in October 2023 that it would be different from the other Fantastic Four movies fans had seen. He also teased that it would be “very different from a story standpoint” but would “fit the material” and be like no other.

The Fantastic Four is set to be released on July 25, 2025.

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