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The Most Epic Fantasy and Sci-Fi Website

Meet the dedicated team behind Epicstream, the most epic fantasy and sci-fi website in the universe!
Editor in Chief

Will Taylor

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Will Taylor is the Editor in Chief at Epicstream, having joined as the site's first Anime Editor in 2022. Having written about films, TV and anime for over ten years, Will offers a wealth of experience and an instinctive understanding of what makes shows tick.

Geek Culture Editor

Bri Constantino

Bri is the Assistant Editor for Epicstream’s Geek Culture team, originally joining as a News Writer in 2020. A Communication graduate with seven years of experience covering pop culture, Bri’s ability to uncover stories has made him an authority in the space.

Anime Editor

KC Mendoza

KC is the Anime Editor at Epicstream, having joined as a Copy Editor in 2022. With a foundation in journalism, she brings nearly a decade of experience creating and editing content. Now, she combines her expertise with a passion for anime and fantasy.

Community Manager

Elazje Carillo

Elazje Carillo is the Community Manager at Epicstream, having joined the site as Managing Editor in 2020. Elazje's passion for social media, as well as films and TV, enables her to create exciting content to share with our audiences.

Michael is a News Writer at Epicstream and has been covering the Geek Culture space since joining in 2021. A Communication graduate, Michael also has previous experience as a translator/subtitler of films and TV shows and is a passionate advocate of the arts.

Anime News Writer

Nicolo Manaloto

Nicolo Manaloto is a Trending Anime News Writer who has been covering the latest anime stories for Epicstream since 2022. With over five years of experience writing about anime, games, TV, and movies, Nicolo has a keen eye for the latest developments in anime.

Movies & TV Writer

Andrea Dawn Boycillo

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Andrea covers films, TV shows, anime, and K-dramas for Epicstream. She has a degree in Mass Communication and has written news and features for various outlets for over five years. When not writing, you will find her engrossed in the latest novel.

Anime Writer

Cathlyn Melo

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Cathlyn Melo is a writer and novelist with a Masters in Business Administration, and has been covering anime for Epicstream since 2022. She loves writing rom-coms and her works can be found on Wattpad and Novelah.

K-Drama Writer

Christine Canencia

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Christine Canencia has been covering K-Drama content and Reality TV for Epicstream since 2022, having worked as a Writer and Social Media Specialist since 2009. Someday, she dreams of being paid to write Black Mirror-style stories by the beach.

Marvel & DC Writer

Fatima Castillo

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Fatima Castillo covers all aspects of Geek Culture. Since joining Epicstream in 2022, she has written about many films and series, particularly ones with superheroes! As a Creative Writing graduate, she also has great knowledge of different writing styles.

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Madalena joined Epicstream in 2021. She has a degree in Fantasy Literature from the University of Glasgow which helps her provide great insights on fantasy books and media. She's also a published writer who has appeared in The Deadlands and other venues.

Anime Writer

Tarun Mazumdar

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Tarun is a writer with over 8 years of experience covering anime, manga, and American TV. His expertise and passion led him to join Epicstream in 2022. With a track record of creating insightful articles, Tarun is a trusted expert in these niches.