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Chris Evans Debunks Rumored Return of Original Avengers

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers
Credit: Marvel Studios

Since his last MCU appearance in Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans has been adamant that he won't be returning to the franchise anytime soon despite various rumors and clamoring from fans for him to reprise his iconic role of Steve Rogers.

A recent report from Variety also claimed that Marvel Studios is considering bringing back the original Avengers cast members for an upcoming film, which some fans have also speculated may happen in Avengers: Secret Wars.

So far, the studio has not officially responded nor confirmed the rumor, but several fans would definitely be happy to see it happen. After all, in Evans' case, the character has not officially passed away in the present-day timeline of the MCU.

Now, the actor has finally addressed the rumor and revealed whether the report was true.

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Chris Evans Addresses the Reports of Original Avengers' Return

The Avengers
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In his recent appearance on The View (via TheWrap), Evans was asked about the reports surrounding the return of the original Avengers cast members.

The actor denied that the talks are happening as he claimed that Marvel Studios has not reached out to him to possibly make his MCU return.

"You know, I always see those reports too, and it’s news to me. I think every couple months, someone says that they’re getting [Robert] Downey, and [Chris] Hemsworth, and Scarlett [Johansson], and everyone’s coming back!" Evans said.

However, the Captain America actor also noted that he is open to the idea of returning to the MCU if the story is right for him.

"No one’s spoken to me about it. And look, I would never say never, but I really — I’m very protective," he added. "It’s a very precious role to me, so it would have to be just right."

Once again, Evans is denying another rumor surrounding his MCU return, and, as usual, he is also iterating that he is not closing the doors for a potential return if ever he gets asked.

At this point, it wouldn't be really surprising if we hear eventually that Evans and his colleagues are making their MCU return for one last adventure given that the franchise is currently in the Multiverse Saga and Marvel Studios might also use to opportunity to have the general audience regain their interest.

For now, let's wait and see how it all unfolds in the coming months or years and fans will definitely be keeping their eye on that prospect.

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