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How Does The Devil's Plan Games Work?

Ha Seok-jin in The Devil's Plan
Credit: Teo | Netflix

A new South Korean reality show is now airing on Netflix and it promises to be unlike the other shows we've already seen. If you haven't started watching, it's best you understand the games in The Devil's Plan so you know how the show works.

Unlike Single's Inferno and Physical:100, The Devil's Plan is a game show that doesn't rely on a person's appearance or test his strength. Instead, the show tests each contestant's ability to strategize, stay calm under pressure, and socialize with other people.

In the end, only one winner will take home the grand prize of 500,000,000 won. But how can they play the game? Here's how.

How The Devil's Plan Works

Orbit in The Devil's Plan
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Credit: Teo | Netflix

The Devil's Plan is a game show that not only tests a person's ability to strategize and pass challenges, but it also tests their ability to outsmart their rivals.

Since the whole game takes place in just a week's time, tensions are expected to rise. Not to mention, since the contestants all live in one house throughout this period, it will truly be a test of their capabilities.

The game will see the contestants establish alliances that can later help them pass the challenges.

The Devil's Plan Explained

The Devil's Plan contestants
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Credit: Teo | Netflix

The contestants will be facing a couple of games every day: a Main Match in the afternoon and a Prize Match in the evening. Every single contestant will be competing in the Main Match. This is also when contestants can win or lose Pieces.

When the Main Match is over, the two players with the lowest number of Pieces will be imprisoned. If there are three or more players tied for this spot, the contestant with the most number of Pieces can choose the two players who will be imprisoned.

Once the contestant is in jail, he cannot participate in that day's Prize Match. They will also remain in jail until it's time for the next day's Main Match.

On the other hand, the Prize Match is a shared mission requiring all contestants to play together to win. This is also the game they need to play to accumulate money in the final prize pool.

The Devil's Plan masked host
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Credit: Teo | NetflixT

At the start of the game, each contestant is given one Piece. The objective of every contestant is to collect as many "Pieces" as he can so he can stay in the game. If the contestant loses all of his Pieces, he will be thrown out of the game right away.

The Piece also serves as currency they can use to buy advantages. They can also use these Pieces to bribe other contestants.

But at the end of the game, the contestants are advised not to resort to violence or theft.

The person holding the most number of Pieces gets to win the prize money.

The Devil's Plan: Main Match Games

Here are all the Main Match games played in the first season of The Devil's Plan:

  • The Virus Game: The Virus Game is a battle between the terrorists, whose goal is to spread the virus, and the citizens, whose goal is to prevent an infection.
  • The Rules Race: In The Rules Race, each player must create their own set of rules and pass the finish line first to win the game.
  • Secret Number: Secret Number is a game where one must guess one's own unique number via making contact with other players.
  • Zoo: In Zoo, players bid for animal tiles through an auction.
  • Laying Grass: In Laying Grass, players must place grass tiles on a grid-based territory table to expand their territory, with the goal of creating the largest square territory.
  • Equation Hi-Lo: In Equation Hi-Lo, players must use number cards and symbol cards to create numbers close to one or twenty, then make high or low bets based on the results of the equations.

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The Devil's Plan: Prize Match Games

Here are all the Prize Match games played in the first season of The Devil's Plan:

  • The Cooperative Puzzle: A game that involves solving the given puzzle together within the allotted time on top of the spinning wheel.
  • Fragments of Memory: In Fragments of Memory, players must memorize the information shown in a picture to solve the questions.
  • Word Tower: In Word Tower, players must use the letter blocks given to assemble words related to the given topic.
  • The Scale Game: In The Scale Game, players must balance the scale by placing minerals of different weights on it while also finding out the weights of each mineral.
  • Montage: In Montage, players must memorize the faces that show up on the screen and then they must pick out the duplicate ones.
  • Four Player Three in a Row: In this game, players must place pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and the first player to place three of their pieces in a row in any of these directions, is the winner.

The Devil's Plan: Final Match Games

There were three games to play for the Final Match. These games were:

  • Nine Men's Morris: In Nine Men's Morris, players must place their pieces on three dots in a row on a straight line on the game board to remove an opponent's piece.
  • Hexagon: In Hexagon, players must remember the combination of 3 numbers out of 19 that collectively add up to the target number.
  • Dice Poker: A betting game with mind games.

You can read more about the finale of Season 1 here.

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