​​Physical:100 Winner: Meet the First Champion of Netflix’s Survival Game

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Physical: 100 has released its final episode giving viewers the season’s winner.

After a slew of difficult challenges, 1 out of 100 participants bagged the grand prize of 300 million KRW or around 245,000 USD.

As Physical: 100 episode 9 was released, five participants advanced to the final round. It includes national luge athlete Park Jin Yong, mountain rescuer and ice climber Kim Min Cheol, strongman Jo Jin Hyeong, professional cyclist Park Hae Min, and CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong.

Physical:100 Episode 9 Highlights

For quest 5, participants have to survive the series of tasks that would test their agility, speed, stamina, and strength.

Unfortunately, Kim Min Cheol was the first one to be eliminated after he was the last one to open the padlock.

It was followed by Jo Jin Hyeong who failed to win the board flipping challenge.

With only three participants left, luge athlete Park Jin Yong, professional cyclist Park Hae Min, and CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong need to do the shuttle run mission.

This time, Park Jin Yong, failed to advance to the next round.

As for the final match, it is up against Park Hae Min and Woo Jin Yong as the challenge requires a lot of strength and willpower by pulling the continuous rope.

At the start of the round, everyone thought that Park Hae Min got it in the bag but Woo Jin Young managed to turn the tables in his favor and was eventually declared the winner.

Who is Physical: 100 Winner Woo Jin Young?

Interestingly, the Physical: 100 top 5 consists of undiscovered athletes with some also considered as the season’s dark horses.

Who would have thought that the snowboarder and crossfitter would beat Olympians and legends in sports?

Woo Jin Young made history as the first winner of Physical:100.

However, during the group’s conversation, he revealed why he joined the contestant.

He wanted to be an instrument for his sports, snowcross to be included in big competitions.

Before becoming an athlete, he graduated from Chung-Ang University. Initially, he wanted to be a  physical education teacher so got his masters degree from the university's Graduate School of Physical Education.

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After starting out as a PE teacher, he went on hiatus to give way to his mandatory military service and entered under Korean marines.

Moreover, he also stayed in Canada in 2007 which began his snowboarding journey and later on turned it into a career.

After working as an official snowboard instructor, he then found himself loving snowcross.

Fortunately, he was able to represent South Korea in snowboarding events for 9 years until 2010.

For the next nine years, Woo Jin Yong represented his country in a variety of snowcross events and remained an active figure in the area.

However, dreaming about entering the Olympics since impossible for Woo Jin Young after the sports event was denied the category.

Now, although he wasn't able to get the gold at the Olympics, he is the sole winner of Physical: 100 who is 300 million KRW richer than anyone.

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