Superman: Legacy Sets The Authority Character as its Main Villain

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Justice League
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James Gunn has been prepping for the first DCU film Superman: Legacy as it is set to begin production by spring next year. Before the SAG-AFTRA strike commenced last July, they started casting for some of the roles in the film including Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

With the strike finally done, fans are looking forward to hearing more casting news, especially for the villain role and there are questions about whether a familiar character like Lex Luthor will end up becoming the main adversary or it will be someone else instead.

Now, it looks like the film has finally cast its main villain and they are seemingly going in an unexpected direction.

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Superman: Legacy Casts Maria Gabriela De Faria to Play the Villain The Engineer

The Engineer
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Credit: DC Comics

Deadline has reported that Venezuelan actress María Gabriela De Faría is set to play The Authority character Angela Spica aka The Engineer in Superman: Legacy. She is described as the villain of the film.

Gunn also responded to the casting news on Instagram where he welcomed the actress into the DCU family and described the villain term in the report as "disparaging."

"'Villain' is such a disparaging term! Welcome to the DCU @thefaria, who is not only a wonderful actor, but she laughs in person even more than she does in her IG photos!" he wrote in his caption.

The character made her debut in the comics in The Authority #1 in May 1999 and her powers stem from her metallic liquid body where she can create solid objects through her bloodstream.

The Engineer is an interesting choice to be the villain of the film and it might be surprising for many fans since there are expectations that someone like Lex Luthor is going to be the main antagonist that Superman will face.

However, it is also likely that the character simply has a multi-faceted personality with villainous-like tendencies which is probably why Gunn may have some issue with her description as a "villain" in the report.

Nevertheless, it is an indication that the film's direction might be different than some fans have expected. It is also a sign that The Authority will have a significant role in the film which has also been speculated, considering that their own movie is set to be the second feature in the DCU.

Superman: Legacy is set to release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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