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The Most Wholesome and Heartwarming Moments in Spy x Family

The Most Wholesome and Heartwarming Moments in Spy x Family

Everybody has been hooked by Spy x Family! The action-comedy anime is taking the world by storm, with something for everyone to enjoy. On that note, I had to revisit some of our favourite wholesome and heartwarming moments from Spy x Family so far.

Despite Spy x Family being inspired by the Cold War, the action anime is full of incredibly wholesome family comedy scenes. Most of my favourite moments involve the adorable Anya, and I make no apologies for that.

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  1. The Proposal

    This moment had been hyped up by fans of the Spy x Family manga for many months before, and when it arrived, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Many of Loid and Yor’s first interactions are awkwardly charming, particularly due to Yor’s inexperience. That’s why, when Loid acts in the spur of the moment, Yor can’t help but get swept away.

    The proposal is an incredibly sweet moment that highlights why Spy x Family is so popular – that perfect blend of action, comedy and romance.

  2. Hide and Seek

    Anya is one of the most fun characters ever, and that’s seen right from the start of her time with Loid!

    Despite being told to stay at home, Any wants to go on more adventures with her new Spy papa. So starts a scene where Anya tries to sneak behind Loid as he leaves their apartment.

    Even when she’s caught, Anya can’t hide the fact that she’s having the most amazing time. It’s so cute!

  3. Anya Passing the Exam

    Anya’s first test on the road to her dream family life is passing the entrance exam for Eden Academy. If she couldn’t, Loid’s mission would have failed before it really began.

    Now, we know that Anya is going to find a way to pass. Still, though, you can feel both Anya and Loid’s happiness when they see her number on the board.

    Loid and Anya’s celebration together is one of the first times we see a genuine father-daughter bond begin to form. Also, how can their smiles not melt your heart?!

  4. Anya Wants a Mother

    For me, this is the funniest moment in the series so far, and another pivotal moment in the story’s journey.

    Anya thought that she lucked out with having a spy as a father, but when she sees an opportunity to also have an assassin as a mother, she can barely contain her excitement!

    Using her powers as an esper, Anya suddenly plays matchmaker for the two single and awkward adults. It’s a scene reminiscent of a romantic comedy, but Anya’s performance makes it both hilarious and incredibly wholesome.

  5. The First Family Photo

    Similar to Anya and Loid’s first outing, the first time the Forgers go out as a family is full of funny, awkward moments.

    To make their family seem more genuine and to fit in with upper-class society, Loid suggests they get a family photo. The result? An image that is both haunting but adorably predictable.

    However, maybe this image is perfect for Loid. After all, every family needs those adorably bad photos that can be shared with friends.

  6. Anya’s New Papa

    There’s no debate over what is the most wholesome moment in Spy x Family. The sweetness in this scene is just too much!

    Loid and Anya’s first day together is hectic, and Loid ends up being truly worn out. Despite many of their first interactions being awkward, Anya can’t hide her happiness; finally, after so many failed adoptions, Anya has a papa!

The best thing about Spy x Family is that there are so many more wholesome moments to come! I can’t wait to see what the anime has in store over the coming weeks.

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