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How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Season 2 Have?

How Many Episodes Will Spy X Family Season 2 Have
Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Spy x Family is a series that took the anime community by storm due to its interesting premise and likable characters. Wit Studio and CloverWorks collaborated on producing the anime, but how many episodes will Spy x Family Season 2 have?

Illustrated and written by Tatsuya Endo, the Spy x Family manga has been collected into 11 tankobon volumes as of writing.

It has a positive reception among fans, and it looks like success will continue to shower the series.

With the upcoming Spy x Family: Code White movie and a second season adaptation, there's no stopping Tatsuya Endo's masterpiece.

Spy x Family: The Great Adventures of the Made-Up Forger Family

About Spy x Family Anime
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Spy x Family is about a spy who needs to build a family to complete his mission.

He adopts a daughter, who happens to have special abilities and enters a fake marriage with an assassin without knowing her at all. The story does not stop after Loid is able to build his fake family.

He has other duties like attending social gatherings and completing his mission, while Loid and Yor's relationship both deepens and becomes complicated due to their secret identities.

While the first season was ongoing, it was clear that Spy x Family is one of the most popular anime in recent years.

The laugh-out-loud comedy has become an instant fan favorite thanks to its cute and lovable cast, particularly, Anya.

With so many fun characters and a beautiful setting, it's no surprise that the show feels like an instant success.

Can the series keep its momentum in Season 2, and will the Forgers keep their identities hidden? We can't wait to find out!

How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Season 2 Have?

How Many Episodes Will Spy X Family Season 2 Have? Anya
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Credit: Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Spy x Family Season 2 is listed with 12 episodes (Episodes 26–37), running for a single cour in the Fall 2023 season.

The total episode count of the second season has been confirmed through the Blu-ray and DVD announcements on the anime's official website.

Hence, Spy x Family will have a total of 37 episodes, split into Part 1 (Episodes 1–12), Part 2 (Episodes 13–25), and Season 2 (Episodes 26–37).

Spy x Family Part 1 was released in April 2022, with 12 episodes:

  • Mission 1: Operation Strix
  • Mission 2: Objective: Recruit a Wife
  • Mission 3: Objective: Prepare for Entrance Exam
  • Mission 4: Pass School Entrance Exam
  • Mission 5: Pass or Fail?
  • Mission 6: Operation Friendship
  • Mission 7: The Target's Second Son
  • Mission 8: Operation Anti Agent Camouflage
  • Mission 9: Operation: Affection
  • Mission 10: Operation Dodge Ball
  • Mission 11: Stella
  • Mission 12: Penguin Park

Meanwhile, Spy x Family Part 2 was released in October 2022, with 13 episodes:

  • Mission 13: Project Apple
  • Mission 14: Disarm the Time Bomb
  • Mission 15: A New Family Member
  • Mission 16: (A) Yor's Kitchen (B) The Informant's Great Romance Plan
  • Mission 17: (A) Carry Out the Griffin Plan (B) Fullmetal Lady (C) Omelet Rice
  • Mission 18: (A) Uncle the Private Tutor (B) Daybreak
  • Mission 19: (A) Revenge Plot Against Desmond (B) Mother
  • Mission 20: (A) Investigate the General Hospital (B) Decipher the Perplexing Code
  • Mission 21: (A-B) Nightfall (C) First Fit of Jealousy
  • Mission 22: Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon
  • Mission 23: The Unwavering Path
  • Mission 24: (A) The Role of a Mother and Wife (B) Shopping With Friends
  • Mission 25: First Contact

The first episode of Spy x Family Season 2, Follow Mama and Papa, was released on October 7, 2023.

The second episode, Damian's Field Research Trip/Bond's Strategy to Stay Alive, will premiere on October 14, 2023.

Spy x Family is available on Netflix in certain regions, while fans residing outside of Asia can stream the episodes on Crunchyroll.

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