The Best Anya Faces in Spy x Family (So Far!)

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The Best Anya Faces in Spy x Family

Anya Forger has won over everyone’s hearts with her adorable innocence and boundless, childish fun. The fact that she’s a telepath is just a bonus for the comedy anime! We’re such big fans that we’ve decided to catalogue the best Anya faces in Spy x Family that show just why she’s such a fantastically fun character.

Before the anime aired, the Spy x Family manga gained a lot of praise for its huge array of facial expressions. We’re psyched to see this replicated in the anime, showcasing the beauty of the source material.

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  1. Bored Anya

    Channelling all the energy of a summer holiday with no plans, Anya cuts a very relatable figure here.

    That being said, the thought of a lazy day on the sofa with a giant bag of peanuts (substitute for your snack of choice) doesn’t sound so bad…

  2. Happy Anya

    Technically this is only half of an Anya face, or maybe one-third. Still, we couldn’t help but include this incredibly cute scene in our list!

    Despite Loid only just adopting Anya, she is super happy to be part of a family! It’s a heart-melting moment that surely cements Anya’s place as one of the cutest characters ever.

  3. Apocalypse-Pending Anya

    Being a telepath comes with its advantages. However, it’s easy for things to get lost in translation when you’re reading someone else’s mind, which often leads to Anya developing a sudden, wide-eyed panic.

    It doesn’t help that Loid is one of the most tactless parents ever. With so much talk of world peace being on the line, it’s not surprising that Anya is left shocked on many occasions!

  4. Serious Anya

    Anya is super excited to help her new spy father! While she’s secretly having the most fun you can imagine, occasionally, she’ll try to be serious to help with Loid’s mission – not that she knows what it is, exactly.

    Sometimes, it’s the little details that count. Who knows, maybe peanuts will genuinely lead to world peace?

  5. Playful Anya

    Anya always wants to have the most fun with her new family. She can’t get enough of playing with Loid, even when he has other things on his mind.

    From the very beginning, Anya is super excited to find out about Loid’s spy career. She looks up to him in so many ways, especially in the first episode when she starts an impromptu game of hide and seek!

  6. ‘Heh’ Anya


    There’s no other word to describe this iconic meme face.

    In the context of Spy x Family, this face is Anya’s best effort at forcing a smile against someone who she actually wants to punch in the face.

    However, for internet fans everywhere, Anya’s ‘heh’ face is a knowing look filled with condescension. You can almost see Damian’s annoyance reflecting on her teeth!

  7. Excited Anya

    Otherwise known as the ‘waku waku’ face, this is the perfect visualisation of Anya’s super exciting life!

    With her new family, Anya’s opportunities for fun seem almost endless. Still, thanks to Anya's powers, she can always spot an opportunity to make her life that little bit more exciting.

  8. Super Happy Anya

    Spy x Family’s episode 5 was a unique break from the storyline that saw the Forgers recreate an episode of Anya’s favourite spy show. It’s essentially one giant party in Anya’s honour, and her happiness is clear to see.

    Loid dressing up as Bondman might be Anya’s cutest moment so far!

  9. Shounen Hero Anya

    Sometimes, the world needs a young boy with superpowers. Other times, it needs a young girl desperate to keep her family together.

    Anya isn't always the hero Westalis needs. She often isn't the hero they'd want, either. But if she needs to save the world to help Loid, she'll make it happen.

  10. Scheming Anya

    In Spy x Family Part 2, Anya tries a lot of techniques to get closer to Damian – for world peace, obviously.

    Unfortunately for Anya, she seems to always massively inflate her own abilities, leading to her 'foolproof' ideas coming undone incredibly quickly.

  11. Mastermind Anya

    When Scheming Anya isn't enough, Mastermind Anya comes to play with a face that would get straight As at anime supervillain school.

    See Scheming Anya for the end result – nothing much changes.

  12. Angel Anya

    You can almost hear the 'doki-doki' radiating off this image.

    While Anya is busy trying to save the world from disaster, Damian is busy developing a huge crush on her. During the arts and crafts contest, Anya briefly appears like this to him.

    Despite appearing like an angel, if you look close enough, you can almost see the lingering 'heh' in her eyes.

What’s your favourite Anya moment so far? We’ll update this page with more Anya faces as we continue to watch Spy x Family!

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