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Do The Forgers Ever Find Out About Each Other in Spy x Family?

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Do The Forgers Find Out About Each Other in Spy x Family?

The misadventures of Spy x Family's Forger family are one of anime's most popular attractions. They have survived together until now, but with bigger challenges coming, will the Forgers ever find out about each other?

So much of the comedy anime is based around the double identities of the starring trio and how they try to keep their unique talents a secret. Will they succeed, and what might happen if the others found out?

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The Forger Family's Powerful Secrets

Spy x Family is a story all about double identities.

Loid Forger, codename Twilight, is a Westalis spy working undercover in the enemy country of Ostania. To stop a potential war from breaking out, he must investigate the secretive politician Donovan Desmond, and the only way to reach him is through the prestigious school his son attends.

So, Loid creates a fake family with the help of the unwanted orphan Anya and the quiet office clerk Yor.

At least, that's what he thinks.

Anya, previously a human test subject, has the unique ability to read minds. She also loves spy stuff, so uses her skills to make sure Loid picks her as his undercover daughter.

Yor, meanwhile, is actually a notorious assassin known as the Thorn Princess. She agrees to play Loid's wife for similar reasons to Loid; the fake marriage provides a cover for her work.

Do They Ever Find Out About Each Other in Spy x Family?

Do They Find Out About Each Other in Spy x Family?
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The Forgers don’t find out about each other, at least not yet. Despite lots of close calls, the Forger family have managed to keep their identities a secret so far!

Of course, the caveat in this is Anya, whose psychic abilities mean she knows exactly who her parents are and what they do. However, because she loves the excitement of her cool parents and doesn't want to break the family apart, she plays along without revealing anything.

A lot of Spy x Family’s story is built around the fact that the characters keep their identities hidden from each other. Therefore, it’s unlikely that any identities will be revealed until near the end of the Spy x Family manga.

Does Loid Know that Anya Can Read Minds?

Do They Know that Anya Can Read Minds in Spy x Family?
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While Loid does get very suspicious, so far, it's widely agreed that he doesn't know Anya can read minds. I mean, who would think such a thing?!

Anya is a unique case in the Spy x Family world. With her ability to read minds, she’s the only one who knows everyone’s secrets and what’s really happening.

However, Anya is desperate for her new family to succeed and doesn't want to go back to the orphanage. Therefore, she also tries hard to keep her knowledge and ability a secret.

Later in the first season of the anime, Anya gets a sidekick in her secret missions in the form of Bond, the dog that can see into the future.

Loid is aware Bond was part of some kind of experiment, but nobody knows of his abilities except Anya.

Does Loid Ever Find Out About Yor the Assassin?

Does Loid Find Out About Yor
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So far, Loid has not figured out Yor's true identity or vice-versa. Despite being on polar opposite sides of the geopolitical conflict, the two of them continue to support each other in what started as a marriage of convenience.

It's actually quite remarkable that Yor hasn't given the game away yet. Loid appears to be someone who is an expert at understanding others' true feelings and motivations, but can't see through Yor, despite her inability to lie convincingly about her unique skillset.

Given Loid and Yor's commitment to their work and the latter's struggles with keeping her secrets so far, many fans believe that if any of the Forger's secrets are revealed, her double identity will be the first to fall.

What Could Happen if They Found Out About Each Other?

Do The Forgers Find Out About Each Other in Spy x Family What Would Happen
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We don’t know what would happen if the Forgers found out about each other’s identities. Most fans, though, suspect that if identities were revealed, the family would still stay together.

Yor and Loid are two experts in the field of assassination and espionage, and both can handle themselves in most situations. As Spy x Family develops, so do their feelings as a couple and as a family, despite their work lives putting them on opposite sides professionally.

Most fans believe there will be an arc in the future that involves one or both having to reveal themselves, given who Loid and Yor work for in their professional lives.

If or when this happens, we hope that the two will become a team and work side by side, perhaps with Anya as the glue that keeps them together!


Of course, this is all just one fan's theory. What do you think will happen? Join the conversation with us on Twitter @epicstreamanime or contact me directly @WTaylorwrites.

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