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How Did Chainsaw Man Beat Katana Man?

How Did Chainsaw Man Beat Katana Man Chainsaw Man Denji
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Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man introduced one of Part 1's most iconic villains, Katana Man. For the first time, we witnessed the death of a major character due to the combined strength of Katana Man and the Snake Devil. So, how did Chainsaw Man beat Katana Man in the end?

Spoiler Warning: There are major Chainsaw Man manga spoilers below!

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Who Is Katana Man?

Who Is Katana Man
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Credit: MAPPA

Katana Man is an antagonist that Denji, Aki, and the rest of the group face in the Katana Man arc. He is a hybrid who merged with the Katana Devil, making him immune to attacks that could be destructive for full devils.

To illustrate, when Aki attempted to use the Fox Devil's powers to defeat him, it was revealed that the Fox Devil couldn't eat Katana Man due to his hybrid status and his ability to cut himself free with his blades.

Backstory-wise, Katana Man was the grandson of a yakuza leader that Denji killed.

Because of that, Katana Man teamed up with Akane, a former devil hunter in contract with the Snake Devil, to beat Denji and steal his heart.

Before Katana Man, we've seen Denji beating plenty of opponents, but this is where things really start to get serious, as the joint forces of the Snake Devil and Katana Man cause the death of Himeno.

Katana Man and Akane Sawatari Attack Denji and the Others

Katana Man and Akane Sawatari Attack Denji and the Others Akane
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Credit: MAPPA

As a hybrid who grows blades out of his own body, Katana Man has powers that are quite similar to Denji's, making their fight even more interesting than usual.

Katana Man and Denji (in the form of Chainsaw Man) attack each other many times after Himeno's sacrifice buys Denji time to fight.

Although the clash is destructive, the two hybrids don't deal much damage to each other at first.

To make matters worse, Katana Man's subordinates soon come to his aid.

At first, Denji manages to get the upper hand by capturing one of Katana Man's subordinates, but Katana Man manages to cut through both Denji and his hostage.

Katana Man, Akane, and their associates try to load Denji into a van, but as their subordinates start dying around them, Akane realizes that Makima might have joined the fight.

While Akane and Katana Man try to escape, they're cut off by an unlikely opponent in Kobeni, who manages to cut off Katana Man's arm and shoot him.

Chainsaw Man and Katana Man Fight Again

Chainsaw Man and Katana Man Fight Again Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

After Akane escapes with Katana Man still alive, Denji and Power are tasked with capturing them both.

Denji and Power attack the hideout where Katana Man, Akane, and their subordinates are recuperating.

While Power is away fighting zombies, Denji comes face to face with Katana Man alone.

The latter demands that Denji let himself be killed without resisting as retribution for his actions against Katana Man's grandfather.

Predictably, Denji doesn't accept, and the two hybrids transform for another fight.

After their clash, Denji lands on a train, with Katana Man landing after him and throwing him from the roof of the carriage into the train.

Katana Man strikes once more. Since Denji is focused on trying to protect a civilian, both of his arms get cut off.

Katana Man demands an apology for Denji's actions against his grandfather, but Denji is determined to fight armless since he still has the chainsaw on his head.

Chainsaw Man Defeats Katana Man

Chainsaw Man Defeats Katana Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

True enough, Denji manages to trick Katana Man by making a new chainsaw spring from his legs while the latter tries to destroy the chainsaw on his head.

As a result of Denji's attack, Katana Man finally falls apart. But Denji's enemy can't die that easily.

Like Denji, he can heal fast and he soon returns to his human form.

Afterward, Denji and Aki take turns kicking Katana Man as revenge for Himeno's death.

But is this the last we see of him?

Without spoiling too much, we can expect Katana Man to make an appearance once more and cause Denji more pain before the end of the manga's Part 1.

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