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Here's the Inside Story on Denji's Personal Life: Does He Ever Have Sex?

Chainsaw Man Does Denji Ever Have Sex Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man features a lot of anime waifus eyeing Denji for so many reasons. With so many women surrounding him, does Denji ever have sex in Chainsaw Man?

This dark shounen anime is one of those shows that does not use filters to cover up its mature themes. Chainsaw Man has it all: blood, gore, violence, profanity, and even carnal desires.

In fact, the main character, Denji, fantasizes about touching boobies!

Spoiler Warning: There are major Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Makima?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex with Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Sadly, Denji was unable to have sex with Makima. She rejected him until the end, despite his strong feelings for her.

Makima, as it turns out, only sees the Chainsaw Devil and not Denji. Except when he transforms into Chainsaw Man, she has zero interest in him.

Even if he transforms, Makima is disgusted when she sees him with the Chainsaw Devil's abilities.

Makima is not the person Denji believes she was before he joined her special division of devil hunters.

Yes, Makima was the first to assist and support him, but she only did so to inflict the worst kind of pain on him later in the series.

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Himeno?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Himeno
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji was also unable to have sex with Himeno. It was a close call, though, because Himeno was the one forcing herself on Denji.

It happened one night after Himeno brought the unconscious Denji to her apartment following their party in the pub.

At some point, Denji awoke thirsty and requested water, forcing Himeno to kiss him hard with water in her mouth.

Himeno, who was sitting on top of Denji in just her pants and tank top, insisted that Denji and Aki stop pursuing Makima.

She then invites Denji to engage in sexual activities with her.

Denji initially cooperated with Himeno's commands, but when the lollipop Makima gave him as a sign of his first indirect kiss fell, he stopped Himeno.

In Denji's mind, he apologizes to Pochita and tells him that he wants Makima to be his first sexual experience instead of Himeno.

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Power?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex with Power
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Credit: MAPPA

No, Denji also did not have sex with Power. They do, however, merge in a unique way.

Aside from being partners, Denji and Power treat each other like annoying siblings. They have no romantic feelings for each other.

Denji would sleep and bathe with Power even after she was experiencing PTSD symptoms, and he still had no hard-on or sexual tension with her.

At the end of the day, Denji would still look for Makima, the only person in the world he truly likes.

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Reze?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex with Reze
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Denji was unable to have sex with Reze as well. They had good chemistry, but it wasn't enough to seal the deal and finish the deed.

On a rainy afternoon, they first met in a phone booth. They began hanging out in a café after getting to know each other until one night when Reze revealed her true identity as the Bomb Devil and proceeded to cut Denji's tongue off while they kissed.

As one thing led to another, Denji defeated Reze with the help of Beam.

Despite the fact that so much had happened between them, Denji offered to flee with Reze and forget everything.

Unfortunately, fate was not on their side as Makima got in their way.

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Kobeni?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex with Kobeni
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Credit: MAPPA

No, Denji did not have sex with Kobeni. There is no romantic or sexual tension between them at all!

In fact, Kobeni attempted to sell Denji to the Eternity Devil so that she and the other devil hunters could escape the Morino Hotel.

However, Denji defeats the Eternity Devil, leaving Kobeni haunted by guilt.

To repay the favor, Kobeni used all her strength to protect Denji's unconscious and injured body from the Katana Devil and Akane Sawatari.

The next time they met, Kobeni begged for her life to be spared from the Bomb Devil's wrath.

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She was supposed to help stop the Bomb Devil from hunting Denji, but instead of fighting, she fell to her knees and begged for her life to be saved in front of the Bomb Devil.

Their last meeting was while they were both hiding in Kishibe's safe house, where they exchanged personal traumas and attempted to find solace in one another.

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Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Asa?

Does Denji Ever Have Sex With Asa
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Denji and Asa have a complicated relationship. As long as Asa is the War Devil's fiend, things will not go smoothly with her relationship with Denji.

So far, the two of them are close, but sexual intercourse is not likely to happen anytime soon. Even so, Denji's highest chance to get laid is with Asa.

Denji's relationship with Nayuta complicates his connection with Asa. While both Denji and Asa's feelings grow, so do the challenges they have to face to be together.

Asa and Yoru, the War Devil, are looking for a stronger weapon to defeat Chainsaw Man when they notice Denji picking up cigarette butts, turning them into new ones, and selling them to rip off poor people.

Between her cat and Denji, Asa chose to end Denji's life, and her plan begins with asking him out on a date.

We all know how badly Denji wants to date and marry someone, and Asa could be the answer to his prayers—except she's most likely not.

Denji and Asa have always ridiculed each other. But still, they are a terrific match since their strong personalities and stubbornness are similar. In fact, Asa's demeanor reminds Denji of Power as he gets to know her.

When the Falling Devil emerged and wreaked havoc, Denji transformed into Chainsaw Man and saved Asa the second time around. They were pushed into a corner, and it encouraged Denji to speak of his ultimate dream in life.

Denji hopes to have a partner and have as much sex with her as he can in the future. He dreams of experiencing sex, much to Asa's disgust.

For Asa, it is disgusting for people to mix their sweat, not to mention their saliva, when they do the deed. But will Asa's mind change in the future?

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So, Does Denji Ever Get Laid?

Does Denji Ever Get Laid Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji was unable to get laid or have sex with anyone in Chainsaw Man Part 1 and Part 2 as of writing.

Even though Himeno stole his first kiss in an embarrassing and disgusting manner, he is still a virgin.

In Chainsaw Man Part 2, Denji is still going to school and killing devils one by one despite the danger and risks of exposing himself as the infamous Chainsaw Man.

He also encounters Yoru, the War Devil, who currently inhabits Asa Mitaka's body.

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