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Is Himeno In Love With Aki in Chainsaw Man?

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Is Himeno In Love With Aki in Chainsaw Man
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

While Chainsaw Man is not a romance anime, it does contain many romantic elements. From Denji's obsession with Makima to Denji's pursuit of Reze, the manga never stopped involving other characters with each other. Enter Himeno, Aki's partner, in the picture. So, in Chainsaw Man, is Himeno in love with Aki?

The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is fast approaching. In less than a month, characters such as Denji, Makima, Aki, and Himeno will be formally introduced to the anime community. Are you looking forward to seeing them in action?

For the time being, you can peruse our collection of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, as well as some devil concepts we'd like to see in the series!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

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When Did Himeno Meet Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Is Himeno in love with Aki in Chainsaw Man When Did Himeno Meet Aki
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Credit: MAPPA

Himeno first meets Aki at a graveyard. Himeno is clearly older than Aki, despite the fact that their ages are unknown. This sparked an online debate about Himeno allegedly grooming Aki.

However, most fans believe that Aki met Himeno at an appropriate age. After all, minors are not permitted to drink or smoke in Japan.

Nonetheless, before meeting Aki, Himeno teamed up with five other people who died on the battlefield fighting devils.

As a result, Himeno asked Aki if he could help her in battle because she didn't want to lose another partner.

Himeno approved of Aki and told him not to die because he was so determined to find the Gun Devil. From their first patrols up to the time they met Denji and Power, Aki and Himeno have been assigned together to hunt devils.

Is Himeno In Love With Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Is Himeno in love with Aki in Chainsaw Man Content
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Credit: MAPPA

In Chainsaw Man, Himeno is clearly smitten with Aki. However, it is unclear whether she is truly in love with him or simply has a crush on him. What matters is that she adores Aki more than anyone else in the world.

She has had a significant influence on Aki. She was the one who taught him how to smoke in the first place.

She also told Aki that they wouldn't be able to survive as devil hunters, so why bother? After all, when they use their demon abilities, their life span is constantly depleted.

Himeno also made it clear to Denji that she desired Aki. In fact, she is more than willing to set the stage for Denji and Makima in exchange for Aki.

The series makes it clear that Aki pines for Makima. Hence, Himeno demanded Denji to enter the picture in order for Aki to look back at her.

Did Himeno Sleep With Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Is Himeno in love with Aki in Chainsaw Man Did Himeno Sleep with Aki
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Credit: MAPPA

Himeno is seen laying in bed with Aki in the official trailer for Chainsaw Man.

In the Chainsaw Man manga, however, Denji is the only character who has had the honor of sleeping next to Himeno. But don't worry, they didn't have sex. They were simply exhausted after having so much fun and drinking at the bar.

After defeating the Eternity Devil, Special Division 4 went out to celebrate with Denji and Power. They also decided to introduce themselves and their devil contracts to get to know each other.

Himeno began kissing Denji while she was drunk. Himeno, according to Aki and the other members, turns into a kissing machine when she gets drunk.

Himeno and Denji's first kiss, on the other hand, will remain as one of Denji's worst memories because Himeno vomited into his mouth.

Though this didn't stop Himeno from carrying Denji to her house. When Denji woke up, he discovered Himeno lying beside him.

Himeno also begins flirting with Denji, requesting that he dislike Makima and move on. She then started asking him if he wanted to do "it" with her.


Everything was going swimmingly until a Chupa Chups lollipop slipped out of Denji's pocket.

As a result, Himeno changed her mind and went to sleep instead.

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