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Do Denji and Power End up Together in Chainsaw Man?

Do Denji and Power End Up Together in Chainsaw Man Power
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Denji has a lot of romantic interests in Chainsaw Man. One of them is Power, who was his partner, the troublemaker devil fiend, and former blood devil. But, regardless of how close they became throughout the series, do Denji and Power end up together in Chainsaw Man?

Aside from Power, Denji developed strong bonds with several of the female characters in the series.

After all, Denji hopes to date and marry one day if everything goes well in the future. But for the time being, Denji hopes to touch boobs, even for a split second, to lift his spirits and survive.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead that go up to the Control Devil Arc.

Does Power Like Denji?

Does Power Like Denji Power
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Even after spending so much time together, Power's feelings for Denji did not fully develop, making it difficult to say that she likes him.

What is certain is that she has grown very close to Denji, to the point where her opinion of him is changing with each passing day.

Power embraced Denji's personality, behavior, mood, and characteristics like a real family, going from strangers to partners in crime.

Don't get me wrong: Power still banters with Denji all the time, just like she did at the start of the series. She doesn't act like a devoted mother, but rather like an annoying little sister.

The only difference is that Power never betrayed Denji again, as she did in the Bat Devil Arc when she offered Denji in exchange for Meowy.

Power refused to betray Denji even in the face of death because her conscience told her not to.

This turned out to be a bizarre experience for her. After all, Power has never experienced love and has no concept of it.

In fact, she has little experience with relationships and couldn't care less about other people's affairs.

Despite this, Power's mind is full of thoughts about Denji. She craves his presence and becomes agitated when he isn't present, especially during her PTSD episodes.

This period in Power's life lasted until the end of the Control Devil Arc when she became very confused about her relationship with Denji.

Does Denji Like Power?

Does Denji Like Power Denji
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In Chainsaw Man, Denji clearly does not like Power romantically. Depending on his mood or episode with Power, he only sees her as a friend or a sibling.

Denji was initially interested in Power, but after touching her boobs in the bathroom, everything went down the drain.

There's no spark or anything else that will supposedly provide Denji with the satisfaction he expects from touching her boobs.

Denji saw Power as an annoying and brattish little sister as they got closer.

They constantly banter and make sly remarks to each other, just like real siblings do, but Power eventually grew on Denji as if they were a real family.

When Power had her PTSD episodes, Denji was there to take care of her all the time. Even after Makima offered to hang out, Denji refused to leave Power by herself.

Denji looked after Power from bathing to sleeping. Denji's sweet gestures, however, do not imply that he has romantic feelings for her.

In fact, Denji flatly stated that he feels nothing romantic or sexual toward Power even after they slept and bathed together.

Except for that one time when he almost ran away with Reze, Denji has only ever had eyes for Makima since the beginning of the series.

Makima can hurt Denji all she wants and he will still like her, which is a very sad truth.

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Do Denji and Power End up Together?

Do Denji and Power End Up Together Denji and Power
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Credit: MAPPA

Unfortunately, Denji and Power did not end up together in Chainsaw Man. Death was already waiting for Power before the two of them realized what they were feeling.

For some, the end of Denji and Power's platonic relationship was tragic, but for others, it was just about right.

Power not only became a permanent part of Denji, but she also entered into a contract that will keep them together indefinitely.

Even if they never became a couple, Power and Denji's bond is stronger than that of friends and family.

Unfortunately, they are more than friends but less than lovers. They treat each other like family, but their relationship isn't quite right.

The bottom line is that Power and Denji didn't do anything about their romantic tension.

Denji only has eyes for Makima, and Power has no concept of love, so the two of them weren't going to end up together in Chainsaw Man from the start.

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