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Diego Luna Blames Rogue One For Its Impact On Star Wars: Andor

Rogue One is the first Star Wars movie to ever depart from the typical ‘Star Wars formula’, thanks to its show creator, Tony Gilroy, who led the success for the show, enough to get its own prequel series on Disney+ with the title, Andor. This is exactly why the actor of the titular character, Diego Luna, ‘blames’ Rogue One for its impact on creating Star Wars: Andor.

It is no question that Andor, too, garnered great reviews, being hailed as ‘the best Star Wars series yet’ in its early released episodes. In fact, what makes it all even better, is that the Andor Producer himself said anybody can understand (or start) Star Wars with Andor, making it easier for new viewers to digest the exact introduction to the Star Wars universe.

Speaking in a recent episode of The Playlist’s The Rogue Ones: A Star Wars Andor Podcast, Diego Luna discusses the impact of Rogue One. The actor emphasizes “It was not just a decision, but it was an amazing challenge” when it comes to building the show after Rogue One. Read his full comment below:

“I think we can blame Rogue One for this. Rogue One was meant to be different. It was the first stand-alone Star Wars story. They found many ways to say this is supposed to be different. The first big difference is it had a beginning and an end; that was it. You meet a character and then goodbye.”

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Luna continues to say that Rogue One let them get away with a ‘darker’ theme and tone, as opposed to the previous Star Wars movie. Even though it was quite a feat to reach this turning point for the franchise, the actor admits feeling relieved that even the audiences agreed with the change of pace, which, of course, led to its prequel series, Andor.

“And Rogue One had an opportunity to be different: to have a different tone, to be acted by different people that you might not see in the Star Wars universe. It was more violent, darker, and we got away with that. Audiences liked it, they liked it a lot, and that’s why we’re doing Andor.”

Andor Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+, with its second season in development.

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