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Andor Receives Praises from Critics as They Hail It the 'Best Star Wars Show'

Tomorrow, the new Star Wars series Andor will finally premiere on Disney+ after years of being in the works and release date changes. There has been a lot of anticipation for the new series thanks to its promising story and serving as a prequel to the acclaimed Rogue One. It was even ramped up by the social media reactions last week which is giving it early high praises.

Now, the review embargo for Andor has been lifted and critics finally published their respective reviews of the highly-anticipated series. Based on what we've seen so far, most of them are already hailing it as "the best Star Wars series" yet according to the first four episodes that were presented to them.

Rotten Tomatoes has also unveiled the early critics' score for the series which is currently fresh at 90% (as of the time of the writing of this article) based on the 115 reviews that they gathered so far. It also received an impressive Metacritic score of 75 based on the 23 reviews that they also gathered as of the moment.

You can check some of the reviews from the various outlets below:

A lot of critics are also noting it as "darker" and "different" from the other Star Wars live-action shows that were released on Disney+ so far. Some of them are also claiming it to have an "HBO-level" quality. Its visuals, cinematography, performances of the cast, and storytelling were also receiving praise in the reviews.

Obviously, this is all their own respective opinions so you might have a different feeling when you finally watch the first three episodes tomorrow. Either way, it is very impressive to hear that the series is receiving a lot of raves from critics and it is surely a promising sign that this could win over some of the fans who might be tepid on the other shows.

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Andor is set to premiere with three episodes on Disney+ tomorrow. You can check more details about it here.

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