Disenchanted First Reactions Are In: “Disappointing,” “It Doesn’t Have The Same Charm” As Enchanted

Fans of the first film, Enchanted, have been looking forward to this long overdue sequel, Disenchanted, as we watch the original cast return to our screens. Ahead of its Disney+ release on November 18 this year, the first reactions for Disenchanted are in!

Wanting more than just ‘living the life’ in the city, the family moves to Monroeville, in hopes of finding that ‘spark’ of a fairytale life. However, this little getaway turns upside down as Giselle accidentally transforms the entire town into her old home, Andalasia.

It is no surprise that someone like Giselle would eventually end up wanting to go back to the old ways, to how she grew up. Perhaps even use this moving as a part of the opportunity to grow closer again to already grown-up Morgan, who also probably grew tired of the 'fairytales' she was once in awe of.

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With returning casts Amy Adams as Giselle, and Patrick Dempsey as Robert, we also get to see Idina Menzel return as Nancy with her ‘true love’ James Marsden’s Edward from Andalasia. Joining the cast are Gabriella Baldacchino as the grown-up daughter Morgan, Oscar Nuñez to play a character named Edgar, Yvette Nicole Brown as Rosaleen, Jayma Mays as Ruby, and of course, Maya Rudolph to play the new villain, Monroe.

While Amy Adams garnered positive reviews and well-received performance from reviewers, majority could not agree more that it did not suffice in enjoying the quality of the film. In fact, many believe that the musical numbers are simply there for its ‘quantity’ over its ‘quality’. Check out some of the early reactions below:

Considering the fact that most sequels rarely go well, these mixed reactions are calling out for personal reviews on whether or not it is worth watching the film. Do you still want to see Disenchanted on the big screen?

Disenchanted premieres tomorrow, November 18, 2022.

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