Taika Waititi Credits Harry Potter Villain for Gorr Redesign in Thor: Love and Thunder

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If you have seen the trailers for Thor: Love and Thunder, you may have noticed that Gorr the God Butcher doesn't look anything like the way the character is illustrated in the comic books. Interestingly, Taika Waititi has a cool explanation for the supervillain's new look. The director has just credited Harry Potter baddie Voldemort for pushing him to redesign Gorr's look in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick!

Taika Waititi is currently promoting Thor: Love and Thunder and that means he is addressing some important questions about the film. For instance, why does Christian Bale's version of Gorr the God Butcher look so different from the comics? This was a query that Waititi was more than happy to answer.

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"His face in the comics, unfortunately, does kind of resemble Voldemort," Waititi told IGN. "So I was like, people are just automatically gonna make that connection."


Still, it looks like fans still saw a lot of the Harry Potter villain in the new Gorr. When the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder finally revealed Christian Bale's character, fans kept comparing Gorr to Voldemort, causing He Who Must Not Be Named to trend all over social media.

That's not the only reason why Gorr looks so different in the trailers. Christian Bale had also pointed out that he was concerned about having to sport Gorr's comic book look that mainly involved a cape and a g-string. However, Waititi had assured him that he won't have to bare it all for the role.

Thor: Love and Thunder will bring back Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Jaimie Alexander. They will be joined by Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, and Dave Bautista. The film will finally hit theaters on July 8, 2022.

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