DCU's Superman Movie Casts Jack Ryan Star Wendell Pierce as Perry White

Perry White in DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Perry White in DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

James Gunn's Superman movie has cast an actor who will take on the role of Clark Kent's Daily Planet boss Perry White.

The DCU project, which is slated to be the first theatrical movie on its slate, started production last week in Atlanta and it is expected to last until early summer.

It was originally titled Superman: Legacy before Gunn announced during the start of shooting that the movie would now have a simpler title.

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Wendell Pierce to Play Perry White in Superman DCU Movie

Wendell Pierce in Jack Ryan
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The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jack Ryan and The Wire star Wendell Pierce has been cast to play Perry White in Superman.

He is the last major addition to the cast as the film commences its production since he wasn't present in the cast photo that Gunn shared following their table read a few weeks ago.

Pierce is recently known for playing James Greer in the hit Prime Video series Jack Ryan and starred as Bunk Moreland in the acclaimed HBO series The Wire. He currently co-stars in the CBS drama series Elsbeth.

Now that he has been cast to play the DCU's Perry White, he is following in the footsteps of iconic actors who have taken on the role such as Jackie Cooper, Frank Langella, and Laurence Fishburne.

We've known for many years that Pierce is a talented actor so he is definitely an exciting addition to the ensemble and can seamlessly do his fresh take on the well-known character.

It is interesting to see how the character will play into the Gunn movie since he's always been a staple of classic Superman stories and a pivotal figure in Clark Kent's career life.

Superman is slated for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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