DC Studios Developing Jurassic League Animated Movie

Jurassic League
Credit: DC Comics

Jurassic League
Credit: DC Comics

An animated movie based on The Jurassic League is currently in the works at DC Studios.

The James Gunn and Peter Safran-led studio is developing several projects for their DCU slate across different mediums such as film, TV, animation, and video games.

Now, the studio is circling a beloved six-issue limited series as their main inspiration for one of their animated projects.

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Jurassic League Animated Movie In the Works at DC Studios

Jurassic League
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Credit: DC Comics

Reporter Jeff Sneider revealed that DC Studios and Warner Bros. Animation are developing a Jurassic League animated movie.

Gunn and Safran are producing the project while Minions and The Secret Life of Pets writer Brian Lynch is working on the script. No director is attached at the moment.

It is unknown yet whether it is officially part of the DCU or it will be delegated as an Elseworlds project.

In case you're not familiar with the source material, Jurassic League is set in an alternate reality where the Earth is a prehistoric world and the iconic DC heroes and villains are anthropomorphic dinosaurs.

It was conceived by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeonran and ran as a six-issue limited series in 2022.

This is an interesting project for DC Studios since it looks like they are open to limitless ideas for the franchise and it helps that it is an animated movie which gives the filmmakers more freedom with how they want to tell the story.

Dinosaurs have also become a staple in pop culture for the past several years thanks to the Jurassic World franchise so there might be some interest from the audience to see DC's take on the reptile creatures.

It might take a while before we hear more details surrounding the project, but it is certainly a promising idea that DC could explore for their animation slate.

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