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Kurt Russell Addresses Rumored Superman: Legacy Casting

Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Credit: Marvel Studios

For the past several weeks, there have been rumors that legendary actor Kurt Russell is set to play Jor-El in Superman: Legacy. So far, director James Gunn has not commented on the rumor yet.

Considering that Russell is at an appropriate age to play the role and he has worked with Gunn before in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it wouldn't be surprising if he ends up getting cast and fans have also supported the idea of him playing the titular hero's Kryptonian father.

Now, the actor is finally responding to the rumor and it looks like there is a possibility that it could actually happen.

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Kurt Russell Reacts to the Superman: Legacy Casting Rumor

Kurt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
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Credit: Apple TV+

In an interview with, Russell addressed the rumors surrounding his alleged casting as Jor-El in Superman: Legacy.

While he didn't confirm or deny his involvement, he did express his interest in playing the role and working with Gunn again.

"Yeah! Yeah, I'll take on Marlon Brando! I mean there was something awesome about the way he was just looking around – I don't care that he was looking at his lines – he's crazy-great to watch!" the actor said referencing the classic 1978 film.

"You know what: we don't know a lot about Jor-El. Maybe there's a version... I never heard this, so I don't know. James Gunn was a blast to work with, though, so you never know."

Based on his comments, it sounds like Russell is all in to play Jor-El in the film if Gunn offers him the role and he is interested in exploring other facets of the character that could appeal to him.

Considering that we've been hearing a lot of casting news on the film lately, we might get a confirmation very soon if Russell ends up playing the character, and the takeaway in the interview is that the possibility is out there since there was no denial from the actor.

Knowing Russell's decades-long acting career that consists of various iconic roles, he would definitely be awesome as Jor-El and there's no doubt that he will have a great presence despite the minimal screen time that he will likely have.

Superman: Legacy is slated for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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