Superman: Legacy Reportedly Casts Guardians of the Galaxy Star Kurt Russell to Play Jor-El

Man of Steel
Credit: Warner Bros.

Man of Steel
Credit: Warner Bros.

A lot of DC fans have been patiently waiting for more updates on Superman: Legacy as it is currently in pre-production. James Gunn has also cast some of the roles such as David Corenswet as Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

Given that the actors' strike is still happening and it is preventing Gunn from hiring more cast members at the moment, we might have to wait a little longer before we hear more casting news on the film.

One of the roles that fans are patiently waiting to hear the casting news on is Superman's dad Jor-El, who may appear during the flashback sequences in Krypton or in scenes set in Fortress of Solitude when the hero asks for his advice.

Now, a new rumor has emerged which suggests that an actor from the Guardians of the Galaxy films may have been cast to play the role in the DCU.

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Kurt Russell is Rumored to Play Jor-El in Superman: Legacy

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Credit: Marvel Studios

A verified insider recently shared some scoops regarding Superman: Legacy on the r/DCEUleaks page on Reddit based on the alleged concept art that they recently saw from the project.

They claimed that Kurt Russell, who previously worked with Gunn in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is potentially being eyed to play Jor-El in the DCU film since his likeness was used in the concept art.

"Jor-El. He's drawn as being tall, and I mean REALLY tall. Like, above 7 feet at least. His costume is sort of a mix between armor and fabric, with the armor bits being like a baby blue and the fabric being a crystal-y white. He has a blue House of El crest on his chest which glows, kind of like an LED," they wrote.

"And here's the fun part. Take this with a grain of salt, as a ton of concept art uses random actors' faces on characters, but the specific art I've seen features Kurt Russell's face on Jor-El. Which would be great casting IMHO."

So far, Gunn has neither confirmed nor denied Russell's rumored casting in the film. It is likely that they'll make official announcements once the actors' strike is done.

If Russell ends up being cast, he is definitely going to be a great choice since he is a talented actor and he is age-appropriate for the role. He also has a history with Gunn so it is not out of the question to think that the director is eyeing him to play the role and wants to work with him again.

There is also a likelihood that Russell won't end up playing the role and his likeness was only used in the concept art as a placeholder. For now, let's wait for any confirmation or denial from Gunn as the rumor continues to be discussed around the web.

Superman: Legacy is slated for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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