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10 Fanmade Chainsaw Man Devil Ideas We Need to See

Chainsaw Man Devil Ideas
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Chainsaw Man is known as an action-packed series fueled by blood, gore, and terror. A huge part of its action comes from the devils that have manifested in the world. From the Chainsaw Devil to the Gun Devil, there were all sorts of devils that appeared in the manga. So, perhaps in the future, these fanmade Chainsaw Man devil ideas will make their debut in the series!

The series has amassed a massive fan base since its inception. The hype only grows as the anime's release date approaches in the fall.

It's one of the year's most anticipated anime, alongside My Hero Academia Season 6, Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War!

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  1. Sloth Devil

    Reddit user Diademas came up with the concept of the Sloth Devil, which can make anyone who comes into contact with it lose motivation to do anything.

    A human must have no ambition or motivation in life to enter into a contract with the Sloth Devil. While the Sloth Devil is one of the seven deadly sins, he would be more of a comic relief than a real threat to Denji and the others.

    The Sloth Devil is distinguished by its laziness and unwillingness to exert effort for any kind of work.

  2. Internet Devil

    The Internet Devil, introduced by Reddit user Yoshi2Dark, is perhaps one of the most intriguing on this list.

    Instead of manifesting physically, the Internet Devil will reside within the internet! It can travel to any location on the internet. Worse, it is aware of everything.

    The Internet Devil enjoys people who prefer the internet over reality. Anyone who enters into a contract with the Internet Devil will be able to hack anything telepathically.

    It would also only live inside someone, allowing it to interact with the physical world. This is the best of both worlds!

  3. Love Devil

    The Love Devil, as the name suggests, is highly passionate and powerful. The more one feels and gives love, the stronger it becomes.

    According to Reddit user mazikhatir, the Love Devil can be extremely sadistic! Consider it a yandere devil, where the more someone loves the other, the more they want them to be all theirs.

    Depending on its contractor, the Love Devil can transform into either a man or a woman. It has the ability to seduce the weak, and brainwash them into inflicting pain on the person they desire.

  4. Nightmare Devil

    The Nightmare Devil is essentially Wes Craven's fictional slasher character Freddy Krueger. The Nightmare Devil, as created by Reddit user Permafox, can enter other people's dreams, making it dangerous.

    To make a deal with the Nightmare Devil, the person must give up their sleep. The Nightmare Devil's ability includes the ability to cause death through sleep deprivation.

  5. Germ Devil

    Reddit user Permafox came up with another intriguing devil in the form of germs. Once in contract with the Germ Devil, the contractor will be able to shut down immune systems, infect people with incurable diseases, and make them sick.

    To make things more interesting, the contractor will always be sick. The Germ Devil is the personification of people's fear of germs. So, if you're a germaphobe, this is bad news for you.

  6. Clown Devil

    Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning the Clown Devil. After all, fear of clowns has always existed in the world.

    While clowns are commonly known to make people happy, Reddit user Simp God likens them to the devil in Chainsaw Man.

    The Clown Devil is distinguished by its devious yet enhanced intelligence. It also has an exceptional supernatural sense of smell due to its large puffy nose.

    When under contract with the Clown Devil, the contractor has the ability to make people die of laughter, induce madness, and disperse explosive balloons.

  7. Violin Devil

    Even if you enjoy playing the violin, avoid it! ARIAN_KHS, a Reddit user, introduced a new and creative devil in the form of violins. It represents people's aversion to violins – if that makes sense.

    The Violin Devil is distinguished by four powerful strings that can spread and extend like arms. These strings have the potential to cause destructive vibrations. Aside from that, it can imitate sounds similar to how sirens entice their prey.

    Furthermore, while playing terrifying music, the Violin Devil can pierce and choke its victims. ARIAN_KHS would like the Violin Devil to be named Niccolo after the 2013 film The Devil's Violinist.

  8. Plague Devil

    The Plague Devil, created by Reddit user Raymancer, is a lethal and vicious entity. It represents people's fear of various illnesses. Once afflicted with the Plague Devil, it has the ability to spread an extremely potent rotting virus in a variety of ways.

    Think of history’s seven deadly plagues. The Plague Devil's virus will come in a variety of forms, ranging from the Black Death to the Bubonic Plague –whether solid, liquid, or gas, it depends on the Plague Devil.

    However, the Plague Devil can only produce one state at a time.

  9. Disaster Devil

    In addition to the Plague Devil, Reddit user Raymancer considers the Disaster Devil.

    It is the embodiment of people's fear of natural disasters and phenomena such as hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning storms, floods, and even volcanic eruptions, as the name implies!

    When a human becomes a contractor, the Disaster Devil grants them control over elemental powers such as fire, ice, water, wind, and earth.

    Because its powers are the same as the Avatar's, the Disaster Devil would be nearly invincible. The Disaster Devil would also be classified as an Elemental Devil, and would most likely be at the top of the list.

  10. Drowning Devil

    The Drowning Devil is associated with people's aversion to water. Mnations, a Reddit user, imagines the Drowning Devil as the embodiment of people's fear of drowning.

    If someone enters into a contract with the Drowning Devil, they can make water appear magically in their victims' throats and lungs.

    To enter into a contract, a person must offer the Drowning Devil their entire body of water.

    Another drawback is that the Drowning Devil cannot drown a large number of people. Dehydration would kill the Drowning Devil before he could do it.

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