All Clone Wars References in Ahsoka So Far

 Clone Wars References in Ahsoka
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

 Clone Wars References in Ahsoka
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka's fifth episode treated us to many Clone Wars Easter eggs. Find all Clone Wars references in Ahsoka below:

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  1. The Battle of Ryloth

    In the World Between Worlds, Anakin finishes Ahsoka's training through a series of flashbacks.

    Their first battle is not mentioned by name but the pink-ish hue of the dust and the presence of Twi'leks lead us to believe that this is the battle of Ryloth; one of their early fights.

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  2. Rex in the Background

    While actor Temuera Morrison doesn't appear in-person, we do hear him voicing Captain Rex in the background.

    Rex is one of the main characters in Clone Wars and a key person when it comes to Ahsoka's character development.

    By Season 7 of Clone Wars their relationship had moved us to tears, so it was good to see him again, even briefly.

  3. The Clones

    Apart from Rex, we see many more of the Clones, though none of them are identified, other than him.

    We see Ahsoka mourning a dead Clone whose identity isn't revealed. The Ryloth scene is brief but it does make fans nostalgic for Ahsoka and Anakin's time fighting alongside the Clones.

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  4. The Siege of Mandalore

    The World Between Worlds's flashbacks weren't limited to scenes from Ahsoka and Anakin's shared past.

    Together, Ahsoka and Anakin also revisit her experience during the siege of Mandalore.

    The siege took place during the last days of the Clone Wars and some of its events unfolded at the same time as Revenge of the Sith.

    Ahsoka had already left the Jedi Order by then, and she fought against Darth Maul alongside the Mandalorian loyalists.

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  5. Young Ahsoka

    Seeing a young Ahsoka in live-action was a big surprise, as the show had only prepared us for an adult version of the heroine.

    Nostalgic fans must have been glad to see her younger version fight by Anakin's side once again, as this wasn't something we expected to see ever again.

    Young Ahsoka is portrayed by Arianna Greenblatt who also appeared in Barbie as Sasha.

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  6. Ahsoka and Anakin's Clone Wars Outfits

    Both flashback scenes paid attention to detail by featuring Ahsoka and Anakin's signature Clone Wars outfits.

    Since Hayden Christensen is mostly known for his appearances in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, the effort to make him look like Clone Wars Anakin didn't go unnoticed.

Hopefully, the next episodes of Ahsoka will reveal even more Easter eggs!

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