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Who Dies and Who Survives in Chainsaw Man?

Who Dies and Who Survives in Chainsaw Man Makima
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man's storyline includes a large number of major and minor characters. Each has a distinct personality and characteristics that add to the series' compelling narrative. With death looming in Tatsuki Fujimoto's action-packed manga series, who dies and who survives in Chainsaw Man?

Spoiler Warning: There are major Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead! If you only watch the anime, you will read a lot of manga spoilers that have not yet been animated by studio MAPPA.

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Who Dies in Chainsaw Man?

The series claimed the lives of the following Public Safety Devil Hunters from Tokyo and Kyoto's Special Divisions 1, 2, 4, and 5:

  • Aki Hayakawa: Makima uses Aki's devil contract to keep him under control during the battle with the Gun Devil. He was later possessed by the Gun Devil's remnants and became the Gun Devil's fiend. Eventually, Denji killed Aki.
  • Power: After saving Denji from Makima, Power offered the last drops of her blood to him. She enters into a contract with Denji in the hopes of wreaking havoc in Hell at some point in the future.
  • Himeno: To save Aki and fight the Katana Man, Himeno offers all of her body in exchange for using the Ghost Devil’s entire power. However, Himeno’s efforts are not enough to defeat the Katana Man because Akane Sawatari’s Snake Devil swallowed her Ghost Devil whole.
  • Arai Hirokazu: Arai sacrifices himself to protect Kobeni during the Gun Devil's plot to assassinate its target devil hunters, despite being shot in the neck by an elderly lady.
Who Dies in Chainsaw Man Arai
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Credit: MAPPA
  • Beam: Beam is killed instantly by the Darkness Devil after it points in his direction and cuts him into pieces. Prior to his death, Beam manages to provide Denji with his own flesh and blood, allowing him to revive and grant his final wish.
  • Galgali: Despite his best efforts to fight as the Violence Fiend, the Darkness Devil killed Galgali in Hell.
  • Nomo: Nomo gives his life to keep Reze from pursuing Beam and Denji. He attempted to fight Reze using his Fox Devil abilities, but Reze is strong enough to avoid all of his attacks. Nomo is left with a severed head.
  • Kato and Tanabe: They both attempted to use their Mold Devil abilities to stop Reze in the Anti-Devil 2nd Division's Training Facility, but they were unsuccessful after Reze's original headless body ran toward them and caused an explosion.
  • Masaki Ando: He also tried to stop Reze’s attacks in the Anti-Devil 2nd Division’s facility but was swiftly killed in an explosion caused by Reze’s original headless body.
  • Nakamura: Decapitated by Quanxi in her massacre during the International Assassins Arc.
  • Makima: Makima relaxed her guard after capturing Pochita in the final confrontation in the cemetery. Denji, on the other hand, was simply waiting for the right moment to strike her down with the chainsaw made from Power's blood. Denji murdered and ate Makima at home.
  • Subaru, Yutaro, and Michiko: They all died in a shooting incident among themselves. Prior to the incident, they were driving to Tokyo when a spike strip on the road crashed their vehicle.
  • Kusakabe and Tamaoki: They both died at the hands of the Darkness Devil.
Who Dies in Chainsaw Man Akane
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Credit: MAPPA

The following private-sector devil hunters died in Chainsaw Man:

  • Akane Sawatari: Makima reported that Akane died at the hands of the Snake Devil through involuntary suicide.
  • Tolka: Decapitated by the Darkness Devil.

The following devil fiends (except those who become devil hunters) died in Chainsaw Man:

  • Cosmo and Tsugihagi: They are both beheaded by Makima even after helping defeat Santa Claus.
  • Long and Ping Tsi: They are both cut into pieces by the Darkness Devil.
Who Dies in Chainsaw Man Bat Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

The following known devils died in Chainsaw Man:

  • Bat Devil: It died after Denji, in his Chainsaw Man form, slammed the Cockroach Devil into the building where the Bat Devil terrorized Yuko and Asa Mitaka.
  • Eternity Devil: After three days of slicing and ripping in the Morino Hotel, Denji, as Chainsaw Man, killed the Eternity Devil.
  • Fish Devil: Prior to the Eternity Devil arc, Aki and Himeno killed the Fish Devil.
  • Leech Devil: Before attempting to eat Denji in his weakened Chainsaw Man form, Aki Hayakawa's Fox Devil swallowed the Leech Devil's decapitated head.
  • Ghost Devil: In his fight with Akane Sawatari, Aki decapitates the Ghost Devil's head. Because of Himeno's words, Aki summoned the courage to face his fear of the devil.
 Who Dies in Chainsaw Man Tomato Devil
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Credit: MAPPA
  • Grape Devil: Slain by the Violence Fiend.
  • Gun Devil (20% Deceased): Killed by Denji thanks to the blood and support of the onlookers.
  • Marshmallow Devil: The first known devil killed by Denji.
  • Muscle Devil: Denji's first devil kill after meeting Makima. Despite the Muscle Devil's attempt to fool Denji with its helpless young girl form, Denji successfully shredded it to pieces.
  • Pig Devil: Killed by Aki in an alleyway.
  • Sea Cucumber Devil: Power's hammer smashes it to the ground after she leaps from above a building.
  • Tomato Devil: Denji kills the Tomato Devil prior to the Zombie Devil confrontation.
  • Typhoon Devil: Denji kills the Typhoon Devil with Beam's help by cutting through its head, its body collapsing into a pile of brain matter.
  • Stone Devil: Petrified and crumbled by the Darkness Devil.
  • Chicken Devil: Died after Asa Mitaka accidentally fell on top of him. The Chicken Devil is weak, and the Class President knew that tripping Asa Mitaka will surely kill it.

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Who Survives in Chainsaw Man?

Who Survives in Chainsaw Man Denji
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Credit: MAPPA

With everything that has happened in Chainsaw Man thus far, Captain Kishibe, Denji, and Kobeni are still alive in the Public Safety Devil Hunter's Special Division 4, while Princi and the Angel Devil's status are still unknown.

Among the seven members of Special Division 2, only Furuno is alive.

Meanwhile, in Special Division 5, Quanxi, Katana Man, and Reze survived, but Makima is killed.

Unfortunately, no one in Kyoto's Divisions 1 and 2 survived.

Who Survives in Chainsaw Man Kishibe
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Credit: MAPPA

Hirofumi Yoshida (Japan), Quanxi (China), and Aldo (USA) survive among the private sector devil hunters from other countries, while Santa Claus (Soviet Union) reveals herself to be incapacitated as of writing.

Asa Mitaka, aka the War Fiend, is still alive in Chainsaw Man Part 2, as are Yoshida, Haruka, and Fami (the Famine Devil).

However, Yuko (the Justice Devil), who had become close to Asa, is missing after being decapitated on top of a building.

On the other hand, the devils who've survived in Chainsaw Man so far are as follows:

  • Chainsaw Devil
  • Bomb Devil
  • Control Devil (Nayuta)
  • Crossbow Devil
  • Curse Devil
  • Darkness Devil
  • Doll Devil
  • Claw Devil
  • Future Devil
  • Fox Devil
Who Survives in Chainsaw Man Fox Devil
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Credit: MAPPA
  • Gun Devil (80%)
  • Hell Devil
  • Katana Devil
  • Knife Devil
  • Mantis Devil
  • Mold Devil
  • Needle Devil
  • Octopus Devil
  • Punishment Devil
  • Skin Devil
  • Snake Devil

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