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Ahsoka Episode 6 Seemingly Confirms [SPOILER] is a Jedi

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Throughout the first four episodes of Ahsoka, they've been setting up Sabine Wren as potentially Force-sensitive after she agreed to train again under the guidance of her friend and Jedi master Ahsoka Tano.

However, so far, we haven't seen any concrete proof that she is actually Force-sensitive since any of her attempts to use the skill have failed although she remains encouraged to continue practicing as it might finally show off at some point.

As the series is now getting closer to the end of the first season, it seems that it is inevitable at this point that they'll confirm very soon that the character is Force-sensitive, and, now, the recent episode has suggested that direction.

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The Nightsisters Suggest Sabine Wren Has 'Reeks of Jedi' in Ahsoka Episode 6

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Thanks to a successful hyperspace trip through the Eye of Sion, Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and Sabine finally arrived at planet Peridea where Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger are presumably located.

After they landed at a tall structure, they were greeted by a group of Nightsisters, who were delighted with Morgan's accomplishment in her task.

Before bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn, interestingly enough, the Nightsisters sensed that Sabine "reeks of Jedi" and deemed her "dangerous" which is why they brought her into a cell in the meantime.

This simple line from the Nightsisters seemingly confirms what they've teased to us in the previous episodes: Sabine is indeed Force-sensitive all along.

However, despite the Nightsisters' declaration that Sabine is potentially a Jedi, they still have not physically shown that she has Force-sensitive skills in this episode.

While trying to escape from her cell, Sabine was seen trying to use the Force again. At first, it seemed that it was working, but they eventually showed that the rumbling was actually just the arrival of Thrawn's Chimaera ship.

Given that we still have not seen Sabine successfully use the Force by this episode, we cannot give a definitive confirmation at this point that she is Force-sensitive, but the Nightsisters' line suggests that they are going in that direction within the next two episodes.

This is yet again another tease from the series regarding Sabine's inevitable fate that will happen soon and this is probably the last straw before finally showing us the moment that fans have been waiting for.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.


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