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Ahsoka Episode 6 Sees the Reemergence of [SPOILER]

Credit: Lucasfilm

One of the moments that Ahsoka viewers have been waiting for is the inevitable return of Grand Admiral Thrawn with Lars Mikkelsen reprising the role in live-action this time around after voicing him in Rebels.

During the first four episodes of the series, we've seen efforts from Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati to find the pieces that will lead their way to eventually find Thrawn in a mysterious distant galaxy.

Despite attempts from Ahsoka and the Rebels gang to thwart their plans, the trio ultimately nabbed the map and built the Eye of Sion ship that would lead them to Peridea, where Thrawn and Ezra Bridger are presumably located.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn Makes His Live-Action Debut in Ahsoka Episode 6

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Credit: Lucasfilm

At the beginning of the sixth episode of Ahsoka, Morgan, Baylan, Shin, and their prisoner Sabine Wren successfully arrive at Peridea thanks to the hyperspace travel through the Eye of Sion.

They landed at the top of a tall structure where they were welcomed by a group of Nightsisters and congratulated on their successful arrival.

However, before the trio was introduced to the Grand Admiral, the Nightsisters imprisoned Sabine after they sensed that she had the "reeks of a Jedi."

Moments later, the Chimaera ship arrived where we saw the Night Troopers lining up and they were being led by Enoch, the leader who has a gold mask in his face. Thrawn eventually showed up as he walked past the troopers, making his live-action debut in the Star Wars franchise.

As soon as the Grand Admiral reappeared on the scene, he immediately went back to his usual tactical manner such as surprisingly letting the imprisoned Sabine go to find Ezra around the planet and providing his last whereabouts after being aware of Baylan's promise to her.

However, after Sabine left, Thrawn instructed Baylan and Shin to follow her and ordered them to kill Sabine and Ezra once they reunite.

Near the end of the episode, we see Thrawn and Morgan receiving a warning from the Nightsisters that Ahsoka is on her way.

The Grand Admiral isn't happy with Morgan's assumption that Ahsoka has died. He asked her to provide the details on the Jedi and ordered that the Eye of Sion should destroy the Purrgils once they approached the planet.

It is pretty clear with Thrawn's reemergence in this episode that he is ready to play games again in his attempt to return to the main galaxy and he is definitely back on his cunning ways to make sure that he will accomplish his goals.

His return is definitely not good news for our heroes and it's interesting to see where it will all go in the remaining two episodes of the series.

New episodes of Ahsoka premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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