Why Ya Boy Kongming's Opening Song is the Best of Spring 2022

Why Ya Boy Kongming's Opening Song is the Best of Spring 2022
Credit: P.A. Works

Why Ya Boy Kongming's Opening Song is the Best of Spring 2022
Credit: P.A. Works

You may have seen Kongming Drake dancing if you've noticed an anime GIF of a dancing Chinese in some of the comment sections of every social networking service. It's one of the reasons why Ya Boy Kongming's opening song is the best in the spring season.

We've listed five reasons why Ya Boy Kongming's opening song is so popular, and why it's regarded as the best opening song of the spring anime season in this article.

In case you missed it, Ya Boy Kongming is a reverse isekai and comedy anime where a reincarnated Chinese general and tactician, Kongming, has made his way to modern-day Shibuya, where she meets the songstress from hell, the aspiring musician, Eiko Tsukimi.

The anime follows Kongming, who serves as Eiko's manager, as they work toward their dream of reaching Voicell Land, the world's largest EDM music event.

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  1. Catchy Song

    Ya Boy Kongming’s opening song is very catchy to the point that the song will live inside your head rent-free for quite some time. It is also easy to follow as the song is intentionally written that way.

    Also, it is one of those songs that will have you singing and dancing in no time! You will never be able to get over how much of a bop Ya Boy Kongming’s opening song is.

    In case you missed it, QUEENDOM only did a cover of Ya Boy Kongming's opening song, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," which was originally a Hungarian released song titled Bulikiraly from the album Mulatunk Az Éjszakában performed by Jolly and Suzy. It is disco music, which explains the tone and tempo of the music.

  2. Great Visuals

    Ya Boy Kongming's opening song screams legitimate aesthetics. Despite the fact that there are many elements at play, all of the visuals work well together.

    It's an avant-garde opening song so epic that it doesn't even bother my eyes! Not only does the opening song hit hard, but the visuals keep up with the pacing as well.

    P.A. Works truly deserves kudos. With well-animated visuals, it works well for introducing Ya Boy Kongming's opening song. As ridiculous and absurd as the anime's premise is, the opening song fits and falls into the right place.

  3. Dancing Characters

    The main characters in Ya Boy Kongming's opening song, including Kongming and Eiko, are dancing while QUEENDOM's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang plays on repeat. Because of its resemblance to the infamous hit "Hotline Bling," some anime fans call the dance "Drake Dancing."

    It is also well-animated, with the characters effortlessly hitting it off with the on-point dance moves to the catchy opening song. While the song is already an earworm, the soft dance moves make the opening even more memorable!

  4. Enticing and Pleasing Tone

    Ya Boy Kongming's opening song will entice you to watch it. It will feel as if Kongming is attracting you to him and his storytelling.

    Perhaps we didn't realize it at the time, but this was one of Kongming's strategies for gaining more fans and demonstrating how much of a gem Ya Boy Kongming is among the anime titles of the Spring season!

    Furthermore, it is an opening song that brings joy to everyone who hears it. In these trying times, it's a legitimate escape! Ya Boy Kongming may not win anime of the year, but it could be one of the strongest contenders for the best anime opening of the year, not just this spring!

  5. Unique Combinations

    Ya Boy Kongming's opening song has everything a legendary opening song should have. There is no clout! This song, as well as Kongming's smooth dance moves, are irresistible.

    Ya Boy Kongming's opening song will literally draw you in when combined with the visuals! You'll find yourself in a never-ending loop before you know it. A true story told by the vast majority! An original anime with an intriguing concept, how unique Ya Boy Kongming is!

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