Thor 5 Reportedly In the Works with New Director

Thor: Love and Thunder
Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder
Credit: Marvel Studios

Following the polarizing reception to Thor: Love and Thunder, fans were wondering what's next for the God of Thunder in the MCU and whether Marvel Studios will decide to take a new creative direction for the character once again for his potential fifth movie.

While Taika Waititi may have hit lightning in a bottle in Ragnarok, some fans felt that his humor went overboard in Love and Thunder and it dwindled the quality of the film overall despite its promising concept.

Chris Hemsworth has also played coy about his future in the MCU and has expressed his interest in seeing a new take on his iconic character again when he reprises the role in the next movie.

So far, Marvel Studios has not made any official announcements for a potential fifth Thor movie although some fans are hoping that they will tap a new director if it does happen.

Now, a new rumor has emerged surrounding the God of Thunder's next solo movie and it looks like we can expect a new creative direction when he returns for another adventure in the MCU.

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Marvel Studios Reportedly Working on Thor 5, Taika Waititi Not Expected to Return

Thor: Love and Thunder
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Credit: Marvel Studios

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via Comic Book Movie), Marvel Studios is currently developing a fifth Thor movie. They are also looking for a new director as Waititi is not expected to return.

While Love and Thunder may have been divisive amongst the critics and the audience, it was still a box office success so it's not surprising that Marvel Studios moved forward with the development of a fifth film.

They also teased Thor's return at the end of the film's credits so it's also inevitable that Hemsworth will yield the hammer again despite his previous comments regarding his MCU future.

It looks like Marvel Studios will be taking a new creative direction for the fifth film since Waititi is not expected to return and, depending on the new director that they will hire, we can expect a new tone on the character that will be less comedic this time around.

Fans might be happy to hear this news given the polarizing reception to Love and Thunder and they are now ready for a Waititi-less fifth movie although he could still return to play Korg if they bring back the character as well.

So far, Marvel Studios has not commented on the rumor yet and it is likely that we might hear definitive news about it once Kevin Feige is ready to make an announcement in the near future.

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