Chris Hemsworth is Moving Away from Taika Waititi's Version of Thor

Chris Hemsworth's Thor has been a mainstay in the MCU ever since his first solo film back in 2011. Throughout the years, we've seen the character go through drastic changes in his journey and get reinvigorated every time we see him in a new film. Now, as the actor is setting his sights on his next step in the franchise, it looks like we may see another change to the character.

In a recent interview with Josh Horowitz (via The Direct), Hemsworth addressed his future in the MCU where he expressed his desire to move away from Taika Waititi's version of his iconic character as he wants to do another take on the character than is not too familiar and repetitive from the previous films.

"You look at Thor 1 and 2, they were quite similar. Ragnarok and Love and Thunder are similar. I think it’s about reinventing it. I’ve had such a unique opportunity with Infinity War and Endgame to do very drastic things with the character," he said.

"I enjoy that, I like keeping people on their toes. It keeps me on my toes. It keeps me invested. I’ve said this before but when it becomes too familiar, I think there’s a risk in getting lazy then because I know what I’m doing. So I don’t know."

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However, the actor also pointed out that he still has not been invited yet to return to the role and he is hoping that his potential next MCU appearance will be the one where they'll get to explore a new take on the character.

He continued, "Again, I don’t know if I’m even invited back. But if I was, I think it would have to be a drastically different version in tone, everything, just for my own sanity… [laughs] … Thor lost his mind that last one. He’s got to figure it out now."

Considering the reception that Thor: Love and Thunder received from some fans, it is not surprising to hear that Hemsworth is keen on doing a different take for his character in his next MCU appearances and, as an actor, you can't help but understand why he wants to avoid being repetitive on playing his long-time role.

So far, Marvel Studios has not mentioned any plans yet about his next step in the MCU although the end of Thor: Love and Thunder set up an interesting path that he can take when we see him again. If we have to place a bet right now, the upcoming Avengers movies are the best guesses where we can see him appear next.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is available to stream on Disney+.

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