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The Flash: New Report Confirms Director's Rumored Next DCU Project

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The Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

Andy Muschietti has been receiving a lot of praise for his work as the director of The Flash. While the film's critics' scores so far have not been as high as what they might hope for, it's still pretty solid and the industry buzz has also been strong for months now.

As a result, some fans are wondering whether Muschietti will helm another DC project in the future and there are rumors that he is being eyed to direct DCU's The Brave and the Bold for James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Studios.

Now, we have a new update regarding Muschietti's potential next step in the DCU and it looks like it is indeed coming closer to reality.

Andy Muschietti is the Top Choice to Direct The Brave and the Bold

The Flash
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Credit: Warner Bros.

In a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter regarding Warner Bros.' Ezra Miller-less marketing of The Flash, they confirmed that Muschietti is indeed the top choice to direct The Brave and the Bold as the studio was impressed with his work on the new film.

However, the director has not made a formal commitment since there is no script yet and they have to wait until the strike ends before it ever materializes as writers are currently not allowed to do any work or make a deal with the studio.

This exciting update comes as Muschietti himself recently hinted in one of the press interviews for The Flash that he might be in talks to direct the film and a report from One Take News claimed that it's already been confirmed.

Now, it looks like he is indeed being eyed to headline the project although there is no definitive confirmation since he has not officially signed on and it might also take a while before we hear an official decision from him to helm it.

If he does end up agreeing to direct the film, he is a great choice based on what we've heard regarding his work on The Flash and it helps that the film has two variants of Batman which means that he already has experience helming a movie with the Caped Crusader.

We should be hearing more updates about Muschietti's potential involvement in the DCU project in the coming months, especially once the strike is over which is the time when he can officially make a deal.

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The Flash is set to arrive in theaters this June 16. You can check more details about it here.


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