The Flash Director Reportedly Secures Next DCU Project

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The Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

Leading up to its release in less than two weeks, The Flash is already receiving a lot of positive reactions from critics and industry insiders. Andy Muschietti's direction is singled out as one of the reasons why the film became successful in its quality.

Given that Muschietti apparently did a fantastic job on helming the upcoming DC film, there are a lot of questions about whether he will remain in the franchise which is currently being retooled as it is now under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Recently, the director was rumored to helm the DCU's Batman movie. While there is no confirmation yet, he did hint in an interview that a conversation might already be happening.

Andy Muschietti Will Reportedly Direct The Brave and the Bold

The Flash
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Now, it looks like Muschietti's next step in the DCU franchise is becoming more of a reality as One Take News reported that he has already been tapped to direct The Brave and the Bold for DC Studios.

So far, neither Warner Bros. nor the major trades have confirmed Muschietti's involvement in the upcoming DCU movie so we still have to take it with a grain of salt for now.

However, given that Muschietti hinted at his involvement in helming a Batman movie for DCU recently, there is a likelihood that the report ends up being true and we know that Gunn and Safran have been talking with different creatives to work on the franchise.

Given that Muschietti has been receiving praise for his work on The Flash and already has experience directing a movie with Batman as a main character, he is definitely a great choice to helm the DCU movie as he already has the qualifications.

If The Flash does end up getting positive reception from fans, Muschietti's involvement in The Brave and the Bold will be more appealing and he will be getting more support as he is stepping into his next DC project.

We should be hearing more details and confirmation about this news in the coming months, especially after The Flash releases and we will definitely keep you updated on any development regarding Batman's highly-anticipated DCU debut.

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For now, you can catch The Flash which is set to arrive in theaters this June 16. You can check more details about it here.


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