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New The Crown Season 6 Trailer Sees Elizabeth Facing the End of an Era

The Crown season 6
Credit: Netflix

After focusing on Diana's last few weeks and her tragic passing in the first four episodes, the sixth and final season of The Crown is returning this month with the final six episodes that will explore the future of the monarchy as it enters the 21st century.

Long-time viewers of the series have been looking forward to seeing how they will tackle the post-Diana era of the royal family, especially as William and Harry were growing into the public spotlight during that time.

The last batch of episodes are expected to tackle more notable moments in the royal family from the late '90s to mid-2000s such as the death of Margaret and The Queen Mother, the beginning of William and Kate's relationship, and the marriage of Charles and Camilla.

Now, we finally have our first full look at the long-awaited finale of the hit Netflix drama.

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The Crown Season 6 Part 2 Trailer Has Been Released

Netflix has released the official trailer for the second part of the sixth season of The Crown which gave us our full preview of the show's last six episodes.

Now that Diana is out of the picture in the story of the series, Elizabeth is going to be the focus of the narrative once again as she grapples with the future of the monarchy in the new century.

William is seemingly going to be the focus of the second part as well since we saw glimpses of him attending Eton College and learning more about his public role in the royal family while still dealing with the untimely death of his mother.

It is worth noting that the roles of William and Harry are going to be recast again in the last six episodes due to the time jump. Ed McVey and Luther Ford will play them in the second part.

This is definitely the end of an era for both the series and Netflix to some extent since it was one of the first major Netflix originals that became a massive hit to the global audience.

Hopefully, it will be a satisfying finale even if the events are already familiar to the audience. It is also going to be bittersweet since it was filmed after the death of the real-life Elizabeth last year.

The second part of The Crown season 6 is set to premiere on Netflix this December 14.

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