The Crown Season 5 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Season 6 Be the Last of the Netflix Series?

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana
Credit: Netflix

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana
Credit: Netflix

The Crown Season 6 will finally mark the end of the hit Netflix series this coming November 17th. With that in mind, here's a The Crown Season 5 recap and ending explained as a little refresher before we head into the show's finale.


The Crown Season 5: How Does the Finale Lead to Season 6?

Princess Diana's tragedy in The Crown Season 6
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Credit: Netflix

While The Crown series may have been inspired by true events of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, and familial and political issues, this series is a fictional dramatization of the events that shaped her ruling. Without further ado, here's what happened in The Crown Season 5 finale.

Questioning the Monarchy's Relevance

The Crown Season 5 explored the monarchy's relevance in modern society, specifically when the Queen is left to deal with the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The Yacht was Her Majesty's favorite home and with it being officially decommissioned by none other than Prime Minister Tony Blair led to confronting Prince Charles for seeking a future in the throne himself.

The Queen reminds him that she is Britain's Queen until her last breath and that his so-called relationship with Camilla is none other than an affair.

Prince Charles Seeks To Dethrone the Queen

Prince Charles decided to plant seeds on his own to ensure that once the Queen was off the throne, he would be right there waiting with the prime minister.

To reiterate, Charles' words about his modern views of the monarchy is something Blair appears to fully agree with, which already puts the Queen at risk.

Building Up Princess Diana's Tragedy in Season 6

Princess Diana decided to go with Mohamed Al-Fayed on summer vacation with his family, despite the Queen being completely against the idea.

Though the Season 5 finale doesn't entirely focus on Princess Diana, going on this vacation would lead to tragic events in Season 6.

What To Expect in The Crown Season 6? Will This Be the End of the Series?

Netflix made it clear that The Crown Season 6 seeks to be the end of the fictional series.

As for when Season 6 gets released on the streamer, the upcoming season will be divided into two parts with Part 1 set to premiere on November 17th, while Part 2 premieres on December 14th.

The events of The Crown Season 6 will feature the events of Princess Diana's final weeks before the car accident occurred in 1997.

It is worth mentioning that the showrunners confirmed they don't plan on elaborating on the actual incident, just the aftermath of it.

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