Taika Waititi Reveals Reason for MCU Departure

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Taika Waititi stunned fans last week when he confirmed his MCU exit. As rumors surrounding a fifth Thor film surfaced online, the director of the ever-so-divisive Thor: Love and Thunder revealed that he's no longer attached to the next film led by the God of Thunder.

But what exactly led to his shocking decision to leave the franchise? Was it Thor 4's lukewarm reception and the backlash that came with it? Turns out, it's something else and during a recent interview, Waititi revealed why he's taking a break from the billion-dollar franchise for the foreseeable future.

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Taika Waititi Claims He Needed a Break from the MCU's 'Draining' Process

Taika Waititi
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Credit: 20th Century Studios

Speaking with Inverse, Waititi opened up about the overall environment working on an MCU project, saying: "It’s a very draining process working on these films for two and a half years and nonstop".

That doesn't mean though that he's completely going away. If anything, Taika is just taking a break from the MCU and doesn't rule out a potential return down the line. "It’s just about when I would be able to fit that in," he added.

As it stands, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm whether or not a fifth Thor film is actually happening although rumors claim Chris Hemsworth has signed on for the sequel.

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As for Taika, his filmmaking duties don't stop there as he's busy with his other commitments, including his Star Wars project which is apparently still in its developmental stages.

Hopefully, we'll still see him helm an MCU project in the future because let's be honest, a Taika Waititi redemption arc needs to happen.

All four Thor films are available to stream on Disney+.

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