Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary to Release This December

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Star Wars Holiday Special has been considered to be not just the worst project made in the franchise, but also one of the worst TV specials of all time. It was also never acknowledged as part of the official canon even if it includes the debut of Boba Fett in an animated segment.

The special was slammed for various reasons whether it's the bizarre musical moments with well-known artists of that time or its corny and goofy tone that is far from the classic 1977 film.

It was never rebroadcast on TV nor released in home video although bootleg copies still exist around the web. The cast members have also disowned it in various interviews throughout the years.

Despite that, some fans still have some fascination with the special as they're wondering what went wrong with its production that led to the massive misfire that continues to haunt the franchise in some ways up to this date.

Now, an upcoming documentary will shed light on the mishaps of the maligned special.

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Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary Sets Release Date

Just in time for the Life Day celebration, Variety has reported that the upcoming documentary about the making of Star Wars Holiday Special titled A Disturbance in the Force is set to release on digital and Blu-Ray this December 5.

It will also play in select theaters across the United States, UK, and Australia ahead of the home video release. Jeremy Coons and Steve Kozak are the directors behind the comical documentary while Adam F. Goldberg served as the executive producer.

While none of the original Star Wars cast members were interviewed, well-known figures like Weird Al Yankovic, Kevin Smith, Taran Killam, Paul Scheer, Seth Green, and many more provided insights and commentary in the documentary.

This could also be a fun and interesting watch for fans of the franchise since they can finally learn some details about the making of the special and why it became as maligned and infamous as it is now.

It might also lead to some renewed interest and curiosity for some fans who may not have seen the special or wanted to revisit it to see how it holds now after all these years.

Perhaps there will be some valuable insights for the fans to grasp after seeing it and possibly have a new perspective on the special regardless of their stance.

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