Star Trek Prequel Movie In the Works from Andor Director

Chris Pine in Star Trek
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Chris Pine in Star Trek
Credit: Paramount Pictures

For the past few years, Paramount Pictures has been trying to mount a new Star Trek movie for theatrical release as they are expanding the franchise further following the success of the TV shows on Paramount+.

One of the projects that remain in the works is the fourth Kelvin Timeline movie. Despite announcing the return of the entire cast, it remains stuck in development and hit a snag when director Matt Shakman exited the project to helm Marvel's Fantastic Four instead.

Fans have been patiently waiting for more news regarding the future of the franchise in the theatrical corner as they are hoping that they'll get to see more Star Trek movies on the big screen.

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New Star Trek Movie In Development from Andor Director Toby Haynes

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Credit: Paramount

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is developing a new Star Trek movie with Toby Haynes, who helmed six episodes of the Star Wars series Andor, attached to direct.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter writer Seth Grahame-Smith is set to pen the screenplay while J.J. Abrams is producing.

The film is set to be a prequel to the 2009 film as the story is going to take place decades before the Kelvin Timeline trilogy.

The report also noted that the fourth movie with the Kelvin Timeline cast is still in active development and the studio is calling it the "final chapter" of the main series.

Despite the lack of progress in the franchise's theatrical slate, it sounds like Paramount Pictures is still eager to turn Star Trek into a major film series again and hopefully replicate the success of the streaming shows.

While the talents involved in this new project are promising, there is still no guarantee that it will move forward and it is interesting to see whether it will have some progress unlike the Noah Hawley and Quentin Tarantino projects that ended up getting shelved.

Hopefully, the two projects will gain some stream since fans have been patiently waiting to see the franchise make their return to the big screen.

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