Pokemon Horizons US Netflix Premiere Delayed

Pokemon Horizons Delayed Liko

Pokemon Horizons Delayed Liko

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Pokemon fans were delighted when the new Horizons anime was confirmed to premiere in February. Sadly, that won’t be the case anymore as Pokemon Horizons has been delayed, with a new release date being revealed in an English trailer.

Thankfully, the delay won’t be too long as the series will be released on Netflix in early March. This means the series will be released in English nearly a year after its Japanese premiere – a significant wait for anime standards.

The Latest Pokemon Anime Is Finally Premiering Outside of Japan After Nearly a Year

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The Pokemon anime has long enjoyed a large and dedicated following, but its popularity was renewed in 2022 after Ash Ketchum finally achieved his goal of being the best.

After becoming the Pokemon Champion, it was soon revealed that the next anime entry would be the first to not follow Ash.

Titled Pokemon Horizons, the new anime follows Liko, the first female protagonist in any Pokemon anime. Instead of causing a stir though, Liko and the new anime got lots of attention and praise from viewers.

The show premiered on Japanese TV in April 2023. To give you a better idea of the series ahead of its English premiere, you can check out the new trailer here:

This new trailer previews the anime’s English voice cast, which features Alejandra Reynoso as Liko, Crispin Freeman (Itachi in Naruto) as Friede, and Anjali Kunapaneni (Kiruko in Heavenly Delusion) as Roy.

Typically, anime series are released outside of Japan with English subtitles. That’s not the case with Pokemon though, as this series is treated more like a cartoon, with its US release featuring English dubs.

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Pokemon Horizons Delayed: New Release Date on Netflix Announced

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A few months ago, it was announced that the Pokemon Horizons anime will premiere in the US on Netflix on February 23. Now though, the latest trailer revealed that the show has been delayed.

Horizons’ new release date is now March 7, 2024 – a nearly two-week delay. This isn’t the best news for fans, but on the flip side, the delay could’ve been worse.

It’s not clear why the anime’s US release was delayed, as no details about its production were shared in the new release date announcements.

As for its release, one episode of the series will likely be streamed on Netflix every week beginning on March 7, though we’ll have to wait and see if the show will have a slightly different release schedule.

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