Fans Are Loving the New Pokemon Horizons Protagonist

Pokemon Horizons Protagonist Liko

Pokemon Horizons Protagonist Liko

The new Pokemon anime finally premiered in Japan recently, and the first impressions from fans are in. From the looks of it, fans are loving the new Pokemon Horizons anime, especially the new protagonist, Liko.

While the Pokemon anime featured Ash Ketchum as the main character for well over two decades, Horizons shakes things up in a big way as it introduces two new protagonists, as well as an intriguing new storyline.

This is because a few months ago, Ash finally achieved his dream of becoming a world champion.

Pokemon Horizons and the New Protagonist Impress Fans

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Pokemon Horizons premiered in Japan on April 14 with its first two episodes, and it has already made waves for its interesting story and main character.

Specifically, many fans have already warmed up to Liko, with many deeming her more relatable thanks to her adorably shy nature.

Fans also praised the show’s impressive animation, as well as the more fearsome evil organization.

The story’s mystery involving Liko’s pendant has also proven to be intriguing and is a nice change of pace from the previous seasons.

Previous Pokemon seasons were fairly formulaic as they mostly just followed Ash as he fought gym battles en route to the region’s champion.

But now, it seems that the plot of Horizons will feature more mysteries, complete with a wider cast of characters as shown in the first couple of episodes.

There’s also the fact that the other main character, Roy, has yet to meet Liko. Thus, many are excited to see what happens next.

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New Pokemon Anime Has Yet to Officially Release Outside Japan

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Pokemon Horizons premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 14, and during its premiere, the first two episodes were broadcast.

Despite beginning its run in Japan, the anime has yet to be released officially worldwide. This meant fans had to sail the seven seas to watch the latest episodes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the anime won’t be released officially in the US.

After all, official Pokemon channels have confirmed that the anime will air internationally soon.

For reference, previous seasons of the Pokemon anime were shown outside Japan with a delay of between six to nine months.

Given this, it’s likely that the show will get an official release in the US possibly in Fall 2023.

Right now, fans will have to wait a bit longer to watch the show officially.

On the bright side, the series should get released in the US with an English dub when its broadcast begins.

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