Why Doesn't Ash Age in Pokemon?

Why Doesn't Ash Age in Pokemon Ash Ketchum

Why Doesn't Ash Age in Pokemon Ash Ketchum

It has been two decades since Ash Ketchum’s journey in Pokemon started. He eventually achieved his dream to become a Pokemon champion but fans have noticed that he still looks like a ten-year-old. So, why doesn’t Ash age in Pokemon?

Did something happen in the series that we did not notice? Did he eat something that made him 10 years old forever or is it the producers' strategy? And since he already achieved his dream, will he start getting older now?

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Theories About Why Ash Doesn't Age

Theories About Why Ash Doesn’t Age Ash and Pikachu
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Pokemon is a popular and well-loved anime series, but one of its mysteries is Ash’s age. Some believe that he is actually 17 years old, but since there is no official confirmation about his age, it is safe to assume that he is still 10 years old.

There are those who believe that Ash is like most main characters in animated series who never age to keep catering to younger audiences.

Ash and the rest of the characters in Pokemon do not seem to get older despite the show having various seasons and movies throughout the years.

They believe that Ash is an ageless character and will continue to do so in the following seasons.

Theories About Why Ash Doesn't Age Ash
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Another theory is that time in the series flows slowly compared to real life, though this still doesn't clarify why Ash doesn't seem to age at all. If this is true, then he must age just a bit.

The third theory is that the characters in Pokemon are “aged” based on their status, not age.

For instance, when they entered the Pokemon world, they are considered ten years old.

When they reach a milestone, such as having children, they move up to twenty years old, and so on.

Therefore, the theory suggests that the characters age based on their milestones in life rather than how long they've lived.

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Will Ash Grow Older After Becoming a Champion?

Will Ash Age After Becoming a Champion Ash and Pikachu
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Unfortunately, even avid Pokemon fans do not know what will happen next in the series or whether Ash will start growing older now that he has achieved his dream of becoming a Pokemon champion. It will mostly boil down to what the creators plan to do with the series.

Some believe that the series can continue with Ash’s journey while some think that a new protagonist could be introduced, just like what happened to Naruto in Boruto.

For now, fans can only speculate and wait for an official announcement.

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