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Ant-Man Actor Paul Rudd Gets Candid on His 'Restrictive' Diet for MCU Role

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

Paul Rudd has become beloved for playing Ant-Man in the MCU ever since he made his debut in the 2015 solo film. While his casting was met with skepticism when it was announced, fans eventually warmed up to his performances as the character throughout the years.

Taking on the superhero role was a huge leap for Rudd since he has always been known for starring in comedy films and we rarely saw him doing action roles before he signed on to join the MCU.

For years, we've heard stories from various MCU actors regarding the intense process that they underwent in order to attain the physique that they are required to have to play their respective roles on screen.

The Ant-Man actor was no exception to that and, as it turns out, he only had one particular drink that he was taking while training for the role.

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Paul Rudd Discusses His Diet in Preparing for the Role of Ant-Man

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In his guest appearance on the Off Menu podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter), Rudd opened up about his "restrictive" diet when he was preparing for the role of Ant-Man in the MCU.

He shared that after doing rigorous training for the day, he was always given sparkling water as his reward.

"When I was having to train for the Ant-Man movie, and I was on a very restrictive diet, my reward was sparkling water," Rudd said with a laugh.

"That’s how horrible that diet was. I was like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna have some sparkling water now, I’ve earned it.’"

However, the actor still considered it a treat. He added, "Yeah, it was great. It wasn’t flavored, I wasn’t gonna go crazy."

Rudd also noted that he got used to the strict diet when he played the role in more films. "Once you’re in it, it’s actually not too hard," he said while adding that he didn't mind "really boring food, every time, over and over again" since he would wake up with "tons of energy."

Even with all the CGI work that is being done, Rudd still needs to undergo a vigorous training process on playing the role since it is a physically-inducing part and he has to maintain strong stamina and physique, especially since he also has to do a lot of fighting sequences.

While the process might have been difficult for the actor initially, it sounded like he got used to it eventually and, now, it's probably become a norm for him whenever he has to reprise the role.

Now, the question is how long we will see Rudd in the MCU and, based on the ending of Quantumania, we can certainly say that there's going to be more of him soon.

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