Patrick Stewart Teases MCU Return in Avengers: Secret Wars

Patrick Stewart in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Credit: Marvel Studios

Patrick Stewart in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Credit: Marvel Studios

Last year, Patrick Stewart reprised the role of Charles Xavier in the MCU film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for a cameo appearance although he played the Earth-838 variant of the character.

A lot of fans were delighted when the actor briefly showed up in the film as his iconic character and, since then, there have been questions about whether he will make more appearances in the rest of the Multiverse Saga.

There have been rumors for a while now that Stewart is set to appear in Avengers: Secret Wars alongside the other actors from the Fox Marvel movies. There are also speculations that he will also show up in next year's Deadpool 3.

So far, we haven't heard any confirmation about the actor's future MCU appearances and now he is finally addressing the rumor.

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Patrick Stewart Addresses His Rumored Avengers: Secret Wars Appearance

Patrick Stewart in X-Men
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Credit: 20th Century Fox

In his recent guest appearance on Etalk, Stewart was asked to set the record straight on his rumored involvement in Avengers: Secret Wars.

While he didn't confirm his appearance in the film, he did tease that there is a possibility that it could happen since he kept on returning to play Charles Xavier despite his multiple deaths in various movies.

"I cannot put it to rest because it's not a fact either for or against. It is a possibility," Stewart said.

"Hugh Jackman and I looked upon Logan as being our farewell. Given that I died in that film, although I've been told I've actually died several times already. How do I do it?"

It is an intriguing tease since it suggests that Stewart could indeed return to play the role again whether it's another variant or the Fox X-Men version again and it sounds like he is also open to continue playing him.

A lot of fans won't definitely mind seeing him appear again in the role in a future MCU movie and, as long as it makes sense, it shouldn't pose any issue at all.

Hopefully, in his potential next appearances, he will show up with his former co-stars such as Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen since it will make it more special. For now, let's wait and see for any news surrounding what's next for his MCU tenure.

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