One Piece Anime to Begin Egghead Arc This January

One Piece Anime Egghead Lilith

One Piece Anime Egghead Lilith

The first arc in the anime’s final saga finally has a start date. Recently, it was revealed that the One Piece anime will begin the Egghead arc in January 2024, meaning fans only need to wait for a bit over a month to see the Straw Hat Crew’s next big adventure.

As the Wano Country arc is the series’ longest arc yet, the anime has been covering this part of the story for nearly five years now. Thus, this new arc is one that many fans can’t wait to see animated.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the One Piece anime in this article.

What to Expect in One Piece’s Egghead Arc

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Wano Country was an epic arc that featured Luffy’s strongest power-up to date, solidifying himself as one of the strongest pirates in the world of One Piece.

Instead of jumping straight into another action-packed arc, Egghead offers something a bit different. Based on what happened in the arc so far in the manga, it promises to be an exciting story arc for anime fans.

As its name implies, the Egghead arc will see the Straw Hat Crew visit Egghead Island, the home of the world-renowned scientist, Dr. Vegapunk.

Make no mistake, this arc will feature its fair share of exciting action, but the highlight here will be the various big reveals about the series’ world.

Without getting into spoiler territory, this arc will give fans more insight into the history of the world. Not to mention that it will also put the spotlight on other important characters throughout the series.

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One Piece Anime to Start Egghead Arc in Early January

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The Egghead arc has been ongoing in the manga for over a year now, and finally, the anime confirmed that it will begin the arc in early January.

This reveal came via a new teaser that shows off the striking new looks for the Straw Hat Crew which they’ll don as they explore Dr. Vegapunk’s home.

To give you a better idea of what to expect (at least visually), check out the teaser trailer here:

In the last part of the teaser, a new character is revealed, and she wears an outfit with the words “Punk-02” on it. She will be one of the key new characters in this arc.

The One Piece anime will begin the Egghead arc on January 7, 2024.

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