One Piece’s Best Arcs, Ranked

One Piece’s Best Arcs, Ranked

One Piece’s Best Arcs, Ranked

One Piece is one of the most-loved anime in history. For years, it has told the amazing journey of the Straw Hats. The huge amount of content provided by the manga and the anime allowed fans to choose their preferred arcs. So, we've listed and ranked all of One Piece’s best arcs.

There are more than 1,000 chapters in the manga, making it hard for us to pick the best arcs. Keep in mind that each person has his or her preference too.

This is why we decided to list arcs with an impeccable storyline and a huge amount of appreciation from fans.

We also considered the storytelling and character development, if there are any.

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  1. Skypiea Arc

    Although some believe that this arc was divided from other arcs, this part of the series focuses on the main theme of One Piece, which is an adventure.

    This specific arc used the elements that every One Piece fan knows: a dial system, a floating sea, and an island in the sky.

    Even if some fans want to skip this arc, many One Piece fans love this arc because of the Knock-Up Stream, Montblanc Noland’s true story, and of course, Luffy ringing the bell.

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  2. Thriller Bark Arc

    Brook, the skeleton who eventually became part of the Straw Hat Pirates as a musician, was introduced in this arc. This arc took place on a haunted ship and includes various supernatural elements.

    This was also where the protagonists faced Gecko Maria, which added a huge impact on the overall plot of the arc.

    Most fans love this arc because the villains were entertaining and some recurring characters were part of the storyline.

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  3. Whole Cake Island Arc

    Considered an ambitious arc, the Whole Cake Island arc is another separate aspect of the story. Here, Luffy was tasked to infiltrate the said island to save Sanji.

    What makes it interesting is that there is a romance aspect in this arc, in addition to the rare opportunity for Luffy to join an assassination attempt.

    Some of the popular moments of this arc are Sanji and Luffy’s face-off, Pedro’s death, and Brook's fight against Big Mom.

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  4. Impel Down Arc

    This arc focuses on Luffy’s attempt to save Ace, his brother, from a subaquatic prison. This arc is unique as Luffy worked with villains to achieve his mission.

    It also showed a progression in the main story, making it one of the top arcs in the series.

    Old and new characters were part of this phase in the story, in addition to tons of fights that kept viewers glued to their seats.

    One Piece is known for its intense fight scenes which are evident in this arc. Those who appreciate each battle surely enjoyed this part of One Piece.

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  5. Zou Arc

    Fans did not expect that an alive island like Zou will be part of the magnificent world of One Piece. This island is in the form of a gigantic walking elephant that helped Luffy and his gang get a step closer to their main goal.

    With this, fans have a soft spot for this arc. It also features the formation of alliances and the revelation of Road Poneglyphs.

  6. Wano Country Arc

    What makes this arc one of the best is that it tells the history of Kozuki Oden as well as the different alliances in the story. This arc is also known for its perfect pacing, which is uncommon in most One Piece arcs.

    The fight scenes are also intense, and they are beautifully animated. The fillers in the arc are wonderfully made, with all the details designed for added impact.

    Wano Country Arc is a must-watch because of all these elements.

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  7. Punk Hazard Arc

    Part of the Dressrosa saga, the Punk Hazard Arc prepared viewers for bigger events and challenges in One Piece.

    New threats welcomed Luffy and his friends which led them to dangerous scenarios.

    Despite that, these challenges were revealed to be part of Doctor Vegapunk’s research, which gave fans an idea of how big the power system in One Piece is.

  8. Water 7 Arc

    Every anime has that one arc that lets fans realize that it is not just an anime that they love but a masterpiece that every anime viewer should consider watching.

    The Water 7 Arc placed One Piece on that level. From Robin leaving the team to Luffy and Usopp fighting, fans underwent an emotional roller coaster in this arc.

    There was also a lot of development from the characters, which made it deserving of the third spot on our list!

  9. Marineford Arc

    One factor that made the Marineford Arc claim the top two spot is that it was a turning point in the story.

    As such, there was a huge shift in terms of narrative, new characters were added, and there was also the death of well-loved characters.

    It was a well-needed turn in the story to improve its progression and to focus on more important aspects.

    Every part of this arc was considered essential to the advancement of One Piece as a whole.

  10. Enies Lobby Arc

    Another rescue mission was held in this arc, but this time, the team attacked one of the World Government’s seats of power.

    This alone gave fans an idea of how intense the fight was going to be, adding to the fact that a dangerous assassin organization called CP9 got involved.

    There was major growth for the characters in this arc and another loss, which was the Going Merry.

    It's considered the best arc as it ticked off all the elements that fans look for in their ideal arc.

    From the intense mission to the emotional loss of the Going Merry, Enies Lobby Arc is a must-see arc for all One Piece fans.

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