One Piece Shares First Look at Volume 106 Cover Featuring Egghead Island

One Piece Volume 106 Brook

One Piece Volume 106 Brook

With the next volume’s release just a few weeks away, Eiichiro Oda shared a first look at the One Piece Volume 106 cover, and it features the Straw Hat Crew in Vegapunk’s Egghead Island.

One Piece’s previous covers have all been eye-catching and colorful, but this latest cover no doubt put a smile on many fans’ faces.

After all, this is the first cover in quite some time that features the entire Straw Hat Crew.

One Piece Manga’s Next Volume Sees the Straw Hats Reunite

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The previous One Piece volume covers have all been significant in their own way. For instance, Volume 103 featured an intriguing look at Luffy’s Gear 5 form. Then, we get a better look at Gear 5 in Volume 104.

For Volume 105, Oda recreated the iconic Volume 25 cover, though this time, it depicts Buggy, Shanks, Blackbeard, and Luffy in their Emperor forms.

Finally, Volume 106 has been shown, or at least a first look at it has been shared, showing the Straw Hat Crew in their next adventure after the Wano Country Arc.

Wano is one of the most significant arcs of the series to date as it solidified Luffy as one of the strongest pirates in the world. It also featured lots of interesting reveals about the past.

It’s also significant for being the longest arc of the series to date. But finally, the new volume cover shows that we’re well past Wano and are now entering the explosive final arc of the manga.

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One Piece Volume 106 Cover Shows the Straw Hats in Egghead

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Instead of showing the volume cover as an image, Eiichiro Oda shared a video on the series’ official Twitter account.

This video is an interesting time-lapse of the cover being drawn, and it ends with a first look at the cover featuring the Straw Hat Crew in Egghead Island, complete with Vegapunk-style outfits.

Also shown in the top part of the cover is Punk Records, the library of the island, and Vegapunk’s brain.

What’s great about this cover is that it finally shows the Straw Hats together, including the newest member, Jinbe.

However, it is sadly temporary as the Straw Hats will once again split up in the events of the arc.

One Piece Volume 106 will be released in Japan on July 4, 2023.

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