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Kobeni Dance Explained: Chainsaw Man Meme’s Origins

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Kobeni Dance Meme Explained Kobeni
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man's Kobeni is so iconic that manga fans truly looked forward to seeing her animated. In fact, you might have seen Kobeni memes circulating online. If you're wondering, here's Kobeni's dance explained, along with the origins of the Chainsaw Man meme.

Kobeni Higashiyama is a relatively minor character in Chainsaw Man, but she's part of many one-scene wonders for someone who doesn't affect the plot too much.

So, let's delve further into one of the Chainsaw Man manga scenes we can't wait to see animated!

Spoiler Warning: There are mild spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga below.

Who Is Kobeni in Chainsaw Man?

Who Is Kobeni Higashiyama in Chainsaw Man Kobeni
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Credit: MAPPA

Kobeni Higashiyama is a timid, young devil hunter who is first introduced as a member of Aki's group in Public Safety.

Like all Public Safety members, Kobeni is contracted with a devil. However, no one knows what Kobeni's devil is.

It remains a mystery as she refuses to share the information with her colleagues.

This, along with her shy, and easily intimidated demeanor has caused much speculation and theories about Kobeni, as she seems totally unsuited for the job.

Moreover, although Kobeni seems keen to avoid danger as much as possible, she keeps finding herself in (and surviving) impossible situations.

The famous Kobeni dance is one such instance.

How Did Kobeni's Dance Become a Meme?

How Did Kobeni’s Dance Become a Chainsaw Man Meme Kobeni
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Credit: MAPPA

If you haven't read the Chainsaw Man manga yet, you might have guessed that the famous meme comes from a later manga chapter.

After a series of very unfortunate events, Kobeni decides to leave Public Safety and work at a diner.

However, this doesn't let Kobeni off the hook when it comes to unwanted encounters with demons and the overall pure chaos that is Chainsaw Man.

Without going deep into spoiler territory, we will say that, at some point later in Part 1 of the manga, Denji meets Kobeni at the diner where she works.

Kobeni (who can't dance) finds herself near a Dance-Dance Mushroom and she's literally forced to dance for her life.

This is only one of the (many) bizarre and distressing situations Kobeni finds herself in, but it's a fan-favorite due to its sheer absurdity. The rest is meme history!

Why Is Kobeni So Popular?

Why Is Kobeni So Popular Public Safety devil hunters
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Credit: MAPPA

If you're new to the Chainsaw Man franchise, you might wonder why Kobeni is so popular.

She might not have the hidden depths of characters like Aki, Himeno, and even Denji or Power, but she's interesting because she gives the show and manga an everyman perspective.

Her facial expressions and reactions are closer to what a real person (as opposed to a shonen anime character) might feel, say, or do in an impossibly scary situation, so her presence makes the ensemble cast more grounded.

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