Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth: How Wealthy The Joker Actor Is Today?

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From a child star to one of today's most respected actors, Joaquin Phoenix has come a long way. He has worked with some of the most acclaimed filmmakers and made several critically-acclaimed movies.

With that said, he has an impressive filmography composed of indie movies and high-budgeted films. With the big name he has made for himself, how wealthy has Joaquin Phoenix become today?

The Good Start of Joaquin Phoenix’s Career


The actor already helped provide financial support to his family at a young age, performing at different talent shows. The leading children’s agent in Hollywood, Iris Burton, discovered him at the time and at eight, he already made his acting debut with his brother, River, in the TV series, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, in 1982.

Since then, he appeared in various projects with his brother, like Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia, Murder, She Wrote, The Fall Guy and Hill Street Blues. They also did films, such as Kids Don’t Tell, SpaceCamp and Parenthood.

However, he later quit and joined his father to travel in Latin America but returned with a vengeance in the 1990s. He was often typecast back then, doing supporting roles of darker and conflicted characters, Celebrity Net Worth noted.

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But as the 2000s came, he managed to change his career path when he did The Yards, Gladiator and Quills. He was then cast in the M. Night Shyamalan movies Signs and The Village.

He also played the role of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, winning him the Best Actor Golden Globe. Other movies that he did are We Own the Night, I’m Still Here, The Master, Her, Mary Magdalene and more.

He then received rave reviews when he did the 2019 movie Joker. Joaquin Phoenix also lent his voice for the 2003 movie Brother Bear and narrated the documentaries Earthlings, Unity and Dominion.


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He’s also a director for several music videos and the executive producer of the TV show 4Real.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Paychecks

Making some of the greatest movies surely come with great compensation. So, how much did Joaquin Phoenix receive in these films?

According to The Things, he might have earned $2 million by doing Her. Though no one knows how much he really received, lead actors usually receive nine percent of the movie’s entire budget.

So though the film’s director, Spike Jonze, was considered an indie director, he managed to gather a $23 million budget for it.

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He reportedly earned $3.5 million for Walk the Line and $4.5 million and backend points for Joker. He also got $5 million from doing The Village and the biggest payday of his career may come from Joker 2.

Rumors have it Joaquin Phoenix received a $50 million offer to reprise his role as Arthur Fleck.

With these numbers, he is reportedly worth $50 million today.

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