Greta Thunberg Net Worth 2022: How Much Fortune the Swedish Activist Have Today?

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Credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube Screenshot

Greta Thunberg made a name after starting a climate change protest in 2018. It also started by missing a school day and holding a sign, “School Strike for Climate,” until she became a part of the Fridays for Future and Time’s Person of the Year in 2019.

Many are inspired by her bravery and the cause she is fighting for. After coming to prominence, does it make Greta Thunberg affluent?


Greta Thunberg, Taking the World by Storm

The 19-year-old personality’s speech activism took the world by storm. She led historical protests for climate change around the world and her hard work made her the 2019 Person of the Year by Time.

She’s the youngest person to have achieved the honor at the age of 16. This even made her an instant global icon.

On the cover of the magazine, she was standing on a rocky shore with splashing waves. “The Power Of Youth,” the headline read.


"I’d like to tell my grandchildren that we did everything we could,” she was quoted saying, via The Sun. “And we did it for them — for the generations to come.”

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So, how did it all start? According to The List, her passion for environmental activism began after learning about climate change at school.

She was very much affected by what she knew, resulting in depression and she even stopped eating. For starters, she has Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder that hasn’t let her stop on her mission.

It pretty much explains her eagerness to fight climate change and uses it as her driving force, calling it her “superpower.” She doesn’t understand people who aren’t concerned about the Earth dying.

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So from a high school student, she turns into a global leader who meets heads of state to talk about global warming and how to save the world.


Greta Thunberg’s Net Worth

So, as an environmental activist, how much is Greta Thunberg worth?

The newsmaker has received multiple awards, but she doesn’t use the prize money for herself. Instead, she donates it to climate change organizations and other social causes.

In fact, after winning the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity in 2020, with prize money of €1 million, she gave it all to a foundation.


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"The prize money, which is €1 million, that is more money than what I can even begin to imagine,” she said in a video published by The Guardian. “But all the prize money will be donated through my foundation to different organizations and projects who are working to help people in the front lines affected by the climate crisis and ecological crisis, especially in the Global South."

With that said, it’s unclear how much Greta Thunberg has to her name, though there are reports that claim she is estimated to be worth $1 million.

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