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The Marvels Star Iman Vellani Explains How the MCU Can Regain Its Popularity

Iman Vellani in The Marvels
Credit: Marvel Studios

Iman Vellani was one of the standouts in the recent MCU film The Marvels thanks to her charming performance as Kamala Khan and fans are looking forward to seeing more of her in future MCU releases which was teased by the end of the movie.

It also helps that the rising actress is also a huge fan of the MCU herself and is very knowledgeable about the history of Marvel in both the comics and film which made more fans admire her even more.

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing a lot of comments from Vellani surrounding her experience working in the film and the MCU in general.

As most fans know at this point, the MCU is facing a dilemma at the moment as some of their recent outputs have underperformed including The Marvels which is now set to become the first major flop of the franchise.

Now, the actress has shared her thoughts on the MCU's current problem and it is something that fans may strongly agree on.

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Iman Vellani Shares Her Take on How the MCU Can Regain the Endgame Level of Hype

Avengers: Endgame
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In an interview with The Direct, Vellani offered her take on how the MCU can regain its popularity again similar to the level of Avengers: Endgame when it was released in 2019.

The actress believed that the franchise should focus more on the characters that the audience will care about rather than just expanding the scope.

"I don't know. I don't know if it's about just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Because then, like, what's left? You know, I think it's just about making the audience care about their characters," Vellani said.

"And I think they've established so many wonderful characters in the last phase of the MCU that it would be nice to see them all again and see them team up."

The Marvels star also pointed out that most fans would also love to see more character team-ups, especially with the ones that were introduced in the recent phases.

"I think, because there are so many new characters people want to like, start shipping people together and be like, 'Oh, seeing Kamala and like the Red Guardian together.' Like imagining all these pair-ups, and I think that would definitely pay off. It'll be like, you know, the next Avengers," she added.

Most fans would agree with Vellani's take on the current problem of the MCU since a lot of them also believed that the franchise should focus more on refining the characters and not just expanding the scope which doesn't necessarily guarantee good quality of storytelling.

It is also reassuring that there is someone inside the franchise who has that type of mentality and perhaps Marvel Studios will consider that feedback given how Vellani is expected to have a bigger presence moving forward.

The Marvels is still showing in theaters everywhere.

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