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Here Are All the Helck Characters, Ranked

Here Are All the Helck Characters, Ranked
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After the Demon King’s defeat, the Demon World braces for a new era with a new successor through an unprecedented contest in Helck. The series is home to some really powerful characters, so here are the Helck characters ranked by strength.

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  1. Kenros

    Kenros is a benevolent demon joining the tournament alongside Helck.

    He is known to be quite fast and an expert at dodging attacks. Kenros skillfully dodged all the attacks from the Defense Matrix.

    Additionally, he outpaces Helck in running speed when Helck is without his dark aura.

    Interestingly, despite having a power level of 40, Kenros has yet to attack someone in the Helck series.

  2. Doruushi

    A master in Defense Magic, Doruushi can also use his magic to attack his opponents. He uses a variant of magic called Defense Bomber to take out his enemies.

    Doruushi makes use of a staff to aid him in battles. His power level stands at 45 in the Demon King Tournament arc.

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  3. Mikaros

    He serves as the Archimage and stands as one of the primary villains in Helck, aligning with the Human King and Rafaed.

    He is a highly trusted aide to the Human King, and exhibits remarkable strength, holding his own in battles against Azudora, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

    Mikaros can utilize a variety of magic that he can use in a battle scenario.

    He can unleash New World, Lightning, Regeneration, Searching, and Summoning Magic.

    Apart from magic, Mikros can fight with incredible speed and his reflexes are top-notch.

    Armed with a sword for close-combat scenarios, Mikaros possesses the ability to magically restore it to its original state if damaged or broken.

  4. Hyura

    Competing with great skill for the title of Demon King, Hyura is one of the finalists in the tournament.

    Her current power is at 53, she is one of the strongest Demons in the battle against the Humans.

    She has regeneration abilities and is a master swordswoman.

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  5. Shin

    He is the Demon King and rules over the Shin Castle located in Southern Area 15.

    His power level is 65 and can use Fire, Lightning, and Ice Magic. Shin being one of the Demon Kings, wields formidable magic with expertise in three distinct types.

    He can unleash fiery explosions, and ensnare his enemies in ice. Shin can also inflict major damage using thunderbolts.

  6. Cless

    The younger brother of our protagonist, Helck, Cless is the hero from the Human World.

    As a powerful hero, he crushed Demon King Tooru, swiftly advancing in the Human Kingdom’s army.

    His quick thinking and leadership skills led to numerous successful missions against monster nests.

    Cless is a fine swordsman and is an expert in destroying weapons, which is his trademark skill.

  7. Azudora

    With a power level of 73, Azudora is remarkably powerful, and on good days, he can even surpass the other three Heavenly Kings.

    Azudora relies on his Wood Magic and can manipulate and shape all trees within the Empire.

    He exerts control over them as long as their roots remain alive, regardless of their state of damage.

    He crafts a magical wooden lance that he hurls at his opponents. Azudora can also utilize his Searching Magic to look for objects and people.

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  8. Vermilio the Red

    Vermilio is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and is known to be hot-tempered, frequently wearing a scowling expression.

    She has an impressive 78 power level and uses various kinds of Fire Magic, which happens to be her signature magic style.

    She can craft, manipulate, and shape fire the way she wants. She can instantly burn enemies but needs to be cautious with wide attacks near allies.

    Vermilio has mastered control over her powers and can use fire to land safely.

    Other variants of her Fire Magic include Fire-Drake Vulca, Phoenix-Sukzaku, and Dancing Inferno.

    Vermilio is also equipped with Defense and Summoning Magic. She prefers Twiglion and Hero Killer as her weapons during a fight.

  9. Augis

    The Warrior of Darkness, Augis packs a mammoth power level of 90.

    Wielding the Curse of Darkness, Augis stands as one of the most formidable characters, coming close to Helck in power.

    Due to his super regeneration powers, Augis commands respect in the realm of Helck. Moreover, he is devastatingly fast and possesses ungodly reflexes.

  10. Helck

    For our top spot, we have none other than Helck. Armed with a power level of 99, no one, except Augis, comes close to our protagonist.

    His choice of magic is Fear. He can emit a terrifying aura, instilling fear in enemies. This aura is potent enough to instantly immobilize both humans and demons.

    Helck wields immense strength, effortlessly destroying monsters with powerful punches that create shockwaves spanning several meters.

    Apart from his physical prowess, he has unbeatable willpower to surmount any obstacle.

    His never-say-never spirit allows him to tackle all sorts of adversaries head-on and emerge victorious.

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